Our family, My Husband, three kids and I are living in a tiny  700 sqft apartment in Hong Kong. At first, I thought it would be impossible to home-school our kids for the sheer fact we just have NO SPACE to store things. I don’t know how my Husband got me to agree with turning our living room and dining room into our homeschool.

10 Essential Supplies to Build a Preschool Room

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No matter how much space you have, or little, for your homeschool area, the following 10 MOST Essential and frequently used supplies have become my best friends during my homeschooling.


I had a really cheap printer for my 1st year of homeschooling. I thought, “it doesn’t really matter since all the materials are only for little kids. However, after only 9 months of printing, the printer started having problems. My girls would complain they couldn’t see the pictures or words clearly. They also didn’t like to use  “ugly” homework sheets either. So we changed it and bought a printer from Brother. It is AMAZING! It saves a ton of ink, the printing looks much better. So you will need a good quality printer in order to be efficient.


Need MORE Chinese Resources to 

Teach your Kids?

{My recent LIKE: I love printers that has ink-wells attached and that you can refill with boggles. It saves so much money.}



After hours and hours of searching for teaching materials and printables then, printing them off, and cutting eachttps://affiliate-program.amazon.com/h one out. I didn’t want my preschoolers to ruin them the second I gave it to them. So to protect my work and make it so they can use them again, and again I laminate them. Invest in a good laminator to make sure homemade materials stay new and your preschoolers can play with them.

Don’t forget to buy some laminator pouches as well.



The most common paper: printing paper, construction paper, drawing paper, and cardstock. I personally, don’t even buy any cardstocks to make teaching materials, I simply print them on standard paper and then laminate them. IT WORKS! None of my laminated items have broken yet.

{One of favorite paper for drawing: Sketch Pads with rings. My kids paint on a ssketchpadwith rings, instead of a single paper. So I don’t need to worry about how to store all the paintings because all of their artworks are in the sketch holding all together. It’s convenient.}





Art supplies

Art education is vital for preschoolers. It is super fun and easy to combine into any theme or subject.  So get a list of basic art supplies you’ll need, and go art supply shopping! paint, paintbrushes, glue sticks, white glue, do-a-dot marker, safety scissors, crayon,

{Basic art supply is included: paint, paintbrushes, glue sticks, white glue, do-a-dot-marker, safety scissors, & crayons.}






If you don’t have a closet full of stationary supplies in your home already, you may need to go raid the local arts and craft store for your preschoolers.

{My favorite stationaries are: pencils, pens , pencil sharpener, erasers, rulers, tape, dry-erase markers, hole punch, & a stapler.}

here are some School Supply Sets that you can find on Amazon.com.



Books are the soul of education. Of course, putting a new bookshelf in your homeschooling room should be the first on the to-do list. You can put all your children’s books or books that borrow from the library on the bookshelf.

{This is a Pinterest board where I have collected a ton of great books for my Home Library; and my Chinese Children Stories.}

Music (CD)

Music is another magical teaching tool that can teach little ones with fun, movement, and imagination. Don’t forget to include some music in your preschool lesson.

{During school time, I LOVE: Playing classical music in the background. It seems my kids are more calm and willing to listen to instructions, they won’t make as much noise, and we love the learning mood created by classical music.}



Zip-lock bags

It is super important for preparing and organizing preschool teaching materials. For example, you can put different matching games, puzzle pieces, flashcards, calendar time cards, weather charts… into zip-lock bags. It saves space, and easy to organize.

{Sometimes, I just grab a couple bags filled with counting puzzle and flashcards for  day-trips.}



Educational Toys

Puzzles, board games, pattern block, and playdough are four Must-Have toys in a preschool room. They are easy to combine with Math, alphabet, pretend play, science, and art & music. It helps with their motor skills and patience, also your preschoolers will be occupied and  play them with them for long periods of time.

{My Favorite: The following toys are my kid’s favorites. We didn’t buy them all at once, they earn them from completing chores, as behavior rewards, birthdays, and Christmas. They are perfect for a Family Home Evening, school time, or free time…}





Pocket Charts

If you have a pocket chart on your wall, you don’t even need a whiteboard to display things. Pocket charts are great for calendar time, learning sight words, building sentences, or anything you want. With a pocket chart hanging on your wall, your homeschool room looks more like a classroom too!



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Is there any other ESSENTIAL item I should add to this list?

How do you usually do your back to school shopping?

How do you like to collect your the school supplies?


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