Want to learn piano for FREE during this summer break? My favorite online piano academy, Hoffman Academy, is having a Summer Break Sale (2 months for FREE) for everyone.  Read more to learn details.



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It is beneficial to be musical trained when you want to learn other languages because learning music has so many uncountable advantages for our development.  Music is an important subject in our homeschooling regimen.

We chose to learn piano because it is what I know really well and easy enough for the little kids to start with. While I was searching different methods of teaching my own kids piano, I was glad to find Hoffman Academy, an online piano program that provides free piano lessons for everyone. If you want to know the story of how I found this online piano program, or how my children started learning piano from them at home, you can read more HERE.




2018 Summer Break Sale

Though I am still not getting enough sleep because of waking up for my infant, I still wanted to find time to write this post for you, because this is an awesome deal for any homeschoolers, parents, or anyone who is interested in learning piano.

Summer is a great time to develop some new skills. For me, while my goal is to teach my kids more Cantonese, it is also important for them to focus on learning piano. So I highly recommend to sign up for the Hoffman Academy piano program, and even get the 2 FREE months. (Sales ends on June 25th)

Click HERE to get the deal now!


How It Works

1. Watch: you usually only spend 10-15 minutes on each piano video lesson. (They are super fun to watch with very clear instruction.)

2. Practice: you can practice it on your piano, accompanying games, practice sessions, printables, and/or backing tracks that provided on the website.

3. Advance: you can learn at your own pace and keep moving on to other lessons whenever you feel comfortable.


What Will You Get With the Premium Membership

1. 200+ Videos

2. Music and Theory pages

3. Practice Sessions

4. Music Games

5. Listening Tracks

6. Practice Tracks


I have signed up both of my girls in the Hoffman Academy for the past year and it worth every penny.

My girls love all the video lessons from Mr. Hoffman. They are short and sweet, funny with the right amount of information, and clear instructions.  They love working on the printables, listening tracks and practice tracks. Of course, they especially love playing the music games. It is an added treat in their homeschooling experience.

As a homeschooling mom, I am very happy with the program it is a great value. All the unlimited materials are easy to access and use. I love the variety of things that my girls can learn from this program, it not only teaches them how to play the piano but teaches them important musical foundation skills as well. We are all having fun learning.

How Much Is Each Lesson


Yes. With purchasing the premium membership, you actually are spending less than $2 per lesson (working through two lessons per week). Isn’t that amazing?



Click HERE to sign up for the deal.

<<Don’t wait too long, the Sale ends on June 25th.>>





Summer Fun Piano Passport

Just a heads up, Hoffman Academy has made a Summer Fun Piano Passport for everyone. There are 30 days of music activities that you can do this summer. When the passport is finished,  you can enter to win a fabulous prize – a chat with Mr. Hoffman.

WOW!! A chat with our hero? My girls would love it.

Anyways, I will give you an update about this at the end of the month. Stay tuned.


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