Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in China is kind of like celebrating Thanksgiving in the U.S. They are both about fall/autumn, harvest, families being together, big family dinner, etc. I love both festivals a lot because they are all about FAMILIES and FOOD. Here is some information about the history of Mid-Autumn Festival if you are interested.3-ways-celebrate-mid-autumn-festival

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Trying to create cultural experiences and activities that will involve the whole family by yourself is extremely hard. I also understand that not everyone lives close to a Chinatown, sand it is not easy to find all the cultural items, decorations, and food. I have been in this situation and it’s not fun. But it’s ok, I’m going to show you some ways to still enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival even if you are not in China.



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3 Ways to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival even if you are not in China

1. Learn the Mid-Autumn Festival’s Story and History

2. Decorate your home with Lanterns

3. Try some of the Mid-Autumn Festival specialty foods


Learn its Story and History

Mid-Autumn Festival Theme Packs


This is my 1st theme pack focusing on Chinese cultural knowledge, history, and activities. This is also the first theme pack to feature an amazing artist from Hong Kong. Just look at the cliparts, they look perfectly Asian. Please enjoy this pack while you are celebrating with your family.

There are 6 puzzles with Chinese characters and pictures together. My children love playing puzzles, and they were excited to play puzzles with Chinese words that they just learned. It is a great game to test their logic, order, and memory skills.

  mid-autumn-festival-theme-pack-1    mid-autumn-festival-theme-pack-2

I have included some “cut and paste” hands-on activities in the package as well. At least, I know my children love these and I am sure yours will too. This one is for them to divide “food” and “non-food” items.

 mid-autumn-festival-theme-pack-3    mid-autumn-festival-theme-pack-4

We did a “猜燈謎” (Guessing Game) during our Mid-Autumn Festival week. This is a traditional activity where people guess the answers to riddles written on lanterns. I used this idea and simplified it for my children, so they guess some Chinese words instead. First, I put the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival paper lanterns on a string. Then, I attached a flashcard from each pair to the each lantern. After, we taught them the pronunciation and meaning of all the flashcards. I asked them to each pick one card, and go to the string of lanterns to find the other pair. They had fun walking under all the lanterns and finding the correct answers.






Books, Pictures, and Photos

I know it is a challenge to find and get Chinese children books. Sometimes it maybe even harder to find books that teach the culture and history. I’m lucky that to be in Hong Kong now,  it gives me access to tons of books I need. But I’m not looking forward to finding Chinese books in the U.S.



These are some of the Mid-Autumn Festival Chinese books that I found and borrowed from the local library. If you really have no access to books about the Moon Lady (Chang Er), you can get books about the moon. When reading about the moon, you can tell your children about the main character of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and how she flew to the moon.

I wish I owned an online bookstore and could provide all the Chinese and English books that you want or need, that would be awesome. But for now, I only own a page with a list of online Chinese bookstores for you HERE. Hope you will find what you need.

Chinese Vocab and Mini-Books

If you have no access to any Mid-Autumn Festival books, or you are too late to get any for this year, it is ok. You can download our FREE Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Vocab and Mini-books.

It is a little resource I am sharing with everyone. I found that my 3-year-old loves holding these Chinese mini-books, and she pretends to read in Cantonese all the time. I notice that sometimes they need very simple Chinese books to read, and these Chinese mini-books are just right for them. I think they feel more comfortable with them.

Click on the image and download your FREEBIES.


Video, Songs, Online stories, & Cartoons

There is no substitution for fun children Mid-Autumn Festival songs. Here are some of my kids’ favorite:


  1. Cartoon: 樱桃小丸子- 中秋赏月夜
  2. Song: 中秋節song — 廣東話
  3. Song: 開心學成長 – 中秋節(粵語)
  4. Song: Mid-Autumn Festival


  1. The Story of Mid-Autumn Festival – Chang-er
  2. The Story of Mid-Autumn Festival – Rabbit
  3. Song: Mid-Autumn Festival songs


Decorate your Home with Lanterns

Here is an EASIEST to make Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern you can find. It’s great for toddlers and kids up to 6th graders.


These are some of the non-traditional and more common lanterns we got for the kids.


Photo Credit to hiroshi foto

Mid-Autumn Festival Food

Besides having a big family dinner on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival and eating moon cakes,  star fruit is also something that we eat only during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This is a great video showing how a Chinese chef makes mooncakes (Post by DeelishRecipes)


But since I’m in Hong Kong, I don’t have to make my own mooncakes anymore. I can get whatever mooncakes I want. There are traditional, snow-skin (cold), ice-cream, and even chocolate Star Wars ones too. Isn’t that awesome?

Well, since we are in Hong Kong, I decided we should make some, and we did! We made some chocolate snow-skin moon cakes. It was a great experience for us, and I’m sure my kids will never forget this.


Photo Credit to hiroshi foto

Playdough Mooncakes

Maybe you really don’t have access to any moon cakes, or like me, I don’t want to bake any mooncakes. I would strongly recommend this fun, simple activity with your kids ~Play dough mooncakes!

This is an activity that was suggested by one of my Facebook page followers. She is so clever and creative, and I have never done this before. So this week, making mooncakes with play dough was the climax of the week.

You will need:

Different colors of play dough, some play dough tools, and some mooncake molds. {These are affiliate from Amazon.com}



  This is what we did. They look amazing! Almost look good enough to eat.

 play-dough-moon-cakes    play-dough-moon-cakes2

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

What activities do you like to do during the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Have you tried any of the things that mentioned?

Anything I can add to my list?

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