There are so many different methods and curriculum for us to choose. Which one is worth a try? Which one is good for the little ones?

I used the Letter of the Week and Theme-Based method during the past year of homeschooling. It went pretty well.

We did crafts and painting, sang different songs, and learned math skills from Pre-K packs.

I used The Measured Mom and This Reading Mama’s resources for the letter of the week, and 3 Dinosaurs and Gift of Curiosity for the Theme/ Pre-K Packs. All of them, by far, have become my kids and my favorite resources. They made it easy for me, all I needed to do was pick the files, print it off and use it. They are super fun, simple, and educational.

So this year, I am interested to change it up a little with my own curriculum, Literature-Based Unit Studies, because I have heard a lot of good things from this method. One problem I had, was I needed a homeschooling method that I would be able to use in both English and Chinese. So after research and study, I found literature-based units was an excellent method and worth a try.


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My Goals

  • My kids are able to learn different elements and skills (languages, Math, Science, Art, culture, common sense, social, etc.) from real literature, and not from textbooks, the internet, or me.
  • My kids will increase their ability and love of reading good books and literatures.

What is the Literature-Based Unit Studies?

Some people call it Living Books, others say it is a study method that is less textbook, more real books. Literature-based Unit Studies is a method that allows students to learn and gather information from books and different pieces of literature.

So for me, I can pick an English book for one week, and a Chinese book for another week. During those weeks, I can plan out different activities and focus (e.g. math, reading, vocab, science, geography, history, art, & music, etc.) from those particular books.

For Example, if I were to use The Very Hungry Caterpillar:

  1. Borrow The Very Hungry Caterpillar from the local library, or buy it, or read it online
    {Here is a Chinese version of Miss Panda on Youtube & an English version of Puffin Books on Youtube}.
  2. Plan out different subjects you would like to do with your kids.
    {Here is a LINK to a full list of ideas and  acitivites}
  3. You can also find some printables for your little one to work on.
    {Grab your Free The Very Hungry Caterpillar Printables HERE}
  4. You can even have a party, pretend play, field trip, visit local parks to catch butterflies, etc.

What are the Benefits?

Teach Beside Me, talks about all the good things that come from just reading books.


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learning Chinese Materials?

  • Literature teaches virtues and values that have often become lost in modern society.
  • Good books challenge the mind and stretch.
  • Good literature discusses universal truths.
  • It engages the reader with timeless stories.
  • You can understand literary references in conversations and in other books.
  • It teaches history and culture.
  • Good literature is a work of art that is meant to be appreciated.

What are My Plans of Using the Literature-Based Unit Studies for this Coming School Year?

I have chosen all the books (English & Chinese) for each week already. I’m thinking I’ll have English one week and Chinese the following week. Each week, I’m going to choose one book. I’m going to plan out craft projects, painting ideas, songs, printable, worksheets, math practices, etc to go along with each book.

After I wrote a post about the Benefits of Pretend-Play, I also wanted to spend my last day of each week Pretend Playing for that topic, it allows my kids to learn from experiences and create fun memories.

Do you have any other great ideas for me?

Future Post About This Topic

I have collaborated and am making some printable for our first Chinese book with Ruth, a delicate homeschooling mom from Singapore, who wrote  Joyful Learning Home Preschool.

This is her post: Learning Chinese – A Literature-Based Approach

So you are going to see some posts and printable in the future. We are super excited about it.

Which Chinese children books are your favorite?

Which Chinese children books would you like me to make some lesson plans and activities with?

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