Here is the HALLOWEEN Chinese Mini-Book.

     halloween-mini-book-1 halloween-mini-book-2

There are 5 versions :

Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese with Pinyin
Simplified Chinese with Pinyin

What I Suggest to Do:

  1. Highlight and identify the VOCABS they knew.
  2. Highlight and identify the COMMON WORDS. For common words, I would recommend explaining its meaning as well, since these are the words that we use all the time.
  3. If you can read Chinese, read it out loud first for your children, then help them to read along in order to build their confidence.
  4. If you can’t read Chinese, you may need to download the PinYin version and try to learn the sound system of Chinese.
  5. When your children are confident and excited about reading in Chinese, let them read out loud on their own. You don’t have to correct all the sounds and tones in the beginning, just enjoy and praise their hard work. Then, write notes of which sounds or tones that your children may need to improve, and make corrections in next class period.



Traditional ChineseSimplified Chinese

                    Traditional Chinese with Pinyin             Simplified Chinese with Pinyin



Don’t forget to download the Pre-K/Kindergarten Halloween Pack & also the Chinese Halloween Vocab Book as well.



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