Summer is over, and it’s time to back to school. The most important thing for the first of class is CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT. With great and effective classroom management, your students and you will have an amazing year of learning. Setting up RULES is a key for classroom management. Students will know what is right and what they are not supposed to do in your classroom.

So I created a set of CLASSROOM RULES with beautiful Chinese designed for you.




6 Chinese-designed Classroom Rules

You will find these classroom rules in your freebies:

  • 尊重別人          {Respect Others}
  • 坐好,手交叉  {Sit Still, Cross Your Hands}
  • 自己收拾           {Clean Up}
  • 不欺負別人       {No Bully}
  • 不可打架           {No Fighting}
  • 不可亂跑           {No Running Around}




Want More Chinese Classroom Rules?

There are 6 versions of this Chinese classroom rules & posters full set of 18 classroom rules and 18 posters.


 classroom-rules-english-tchinese4.png   classroom-rules-tchinese-pinyin2   classroom-rules-tchinese-pinyin1




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