We all know that establish a routine for young children is vital for their success of learning and development. For me, having a routine makes my day much easier, and we all know what to expect, and what will happen next. There are less whining and crying, but more learning and fun.

So I have created some Chinese Schedule Labels for everyone to use at home or in your classrooms. This is perfect to put them into a pocket chart, or just stick them on the wall.

16 Colorful Classroom Labels with Beautiful Traditional Chinese Borders



  • Calendar Time
  • Library Time
  • Computer Time
  • Guided Reading Time
  • Mathematics Time
  • Lunch Time
  • Art Time
  • Recess Time
  • Music Time
  • Story Time
  • P.E. Time
  • Reading Time
  • Science Time
  • Social Study Time
  • Snack Time
  • Writing Time



{Traditional Chinese, English with Traditional Chinese, & Simplified Chinese with Pinyin}

 classroom-schdule-long-label-tchinese2     classroom-schdule-long-label-english4     classroom-schdule-long-label-schinese-pinyin3


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