LDS Chinese Coloring Pages (LDS 塗色本)



Whenever I went to BYU Bookstore or any Deseret Book Stores in Utah, I was amazed and super jealous of all the amazing, creative, and fun LDS resources and printable for English speakers. I can easily find whatever I need for my family and myself. My kids especially love the coloring pages. They learn and apply their gospel knowledge so much faster through coloring and hands-on activities.

How about Chinese? If those Chinese people who can’t read English, so that’s mean their kids won’t have the opportunities to learn about Jesus in such effective and fun way. So I have been my DREAM to make some LDS printable for Chinese people.

*You don’t need to be an LDS to use this. Everyone are welcome to use it. All of these primary hymns are designed for children to learn to be good, kind to others, and be brave, and happy. Even though you don’t have the same belief as I, it is ok to teach your children to be kind and serve others. Besides, you have additional resources for teaching Chinese, coloring, and building good characters.

YEA! This project looks like finally START.




Primary Program 2016

Primary Hymns Coloring Pages


~The Holy Ghost~

{ENG} p. 105
{CHIN} p. 56



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