There are millions of learning Chinese resources, including books, programs, software, and websites.

Here are the learning Chinese resources that I recommend. They are tools that with great deals, trust, and easy to access. If you have any resources that you would like to share with others, feel free to contact me.


Blogs to Learn Mandarin


Blogs to Learn Cantonese


Chinese Children Songs

  • Good Kids Website {In English. There are collections of English and Mandarin & Cantonese children songs, and stories.}
  • A Little Mandarin{Here is a <ahref=””>REVIEW I wrote about it. It will give you more information about this product.)
  • The Internet Chinese Music Archive{There are 27 children songs in Mandarin.}
  • Happy Sunshine Friends {Well-made Mandarin Chinese YouTube channel for the beginners}


Chinese Online Bookstores


Chinese Online Stores

  • China Sprout {they sell Chinese educational and cultural products, it includes books and textbooks. With international shipping}
  • Little Linguist {Chinese Story Books with Talking Pen}


Online Chinese Audio Books

  • Children MOC  {Chinese characters only. Beautifully animated books read out loud with native Mandarin speakers.}
  • Child Road {A digital library of over 1,000 books read aloud in Mandarin, kids can see the story and hear it read to them.}
  • Ximalaya/ 喜瑪拉雅 FM {It’s like a Chinese version of Soundcloud. There are a lot of different type of “radio stations” from poeple. I love the storytelling in both Mandarin and Cantonese. They are great!!}


Online Learning Chinese Resources

  • YoYo Chinese {with free lesson for beginners and intermediate Mandarin learners; Chinese characters, and Mandarin Pronunciation.}
  • Educational Television, EDB {tons of high-quality and well-made educational videos for kindergarten and elementary levels. Even it’s base in Hong Kong, there are Cantonese videos, and also Mandarin as well.}
  • YellowBridge {With a list of Chinese radicals that you can look each one up of its pinyin, simplified characters, stroke orders, etc. Amazing tool!}
  • Chinese-English Dictionary from Arch Chinese {Simply search any Chinese or English words, you can find its definition, stroke orders, formation, etc. Great Tool!}
  • Little Chinese Readers {with free and paid teaching Mandarin resources in both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese}


Chinese Websites & Blogs (from teaching kids to parenting)

  • 卡門人妻 {in Traditional Chinese only. Wonderful tips and experiences of being a wife and a mother from Hong Kong living in the U.S.}
  • Print Sheets 拼學趣 {in Traditional Chinese only. It is a Pinterest-style website for Chinese speakers. It allows Chinese speakers to find resources that are produced in English and are otherwise unsearchable in Chinese.
  • POPA Channel {in Cantonese only. Awesome & fun information from parenting to child’s development.}
  • Dragonwise Project 2 Generations 現龍系列第二代 {This website provides all sorts of fun exercises and games for you to learn and practice writing Chinese. It’s very professional.}



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