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How Do I Know the Most Popular Or Newest Products From Your Store?

In my homepage, when you scroll down you will see a row of my Best Selling Products and a roll of my Newest Products as the Featured Products.

Then, you can click the products’ cover photo, and it will link to the product page with further details automatically.



How Do I Pay For My Product?

Once you have selected all the products that you like, in your shopping cart click ” Proceed to Checkout”.



You can fill in your billing information with your name, address, and email address*. This information is only seen by me and is NEVER used for any other purpose than to track my orders. For example, if something happens and your product doesn’t arrive in your email inbox, I can use your email to track the order to see what happened.


*IMPORTANT EMAIL NOTE: Please DO NOT use AOL or Hotmail as your email address. These are older email servers and they DO NOT support the download links.

*Make sure to check on the box to receive my newsletter at the end.




Then, you have 2 options for paying: PayPal or credit cards.

If you pay via credit card, it is still under the umbrella of PayPal and will work, even if you don’t have a PayPal account.




How Do I Enter my Coupon?

Before your check out, you can enter the coupon code in this page.



How Do I Download The Product that I Just Bought?

From the Checkout Page

Once you have clicked “Proceed to PayPal” and finished the purchase process, the PayPal will show you a page to go back to the Check out Page.



In the Checkout page, you will see all the information and order details of your purchase. And then, you can download the product(s) with the blue button.

You can also see how many times download remaining and the expired date. Be sure to download and save ALL the links in one sitting.



From Your Account

Just like the checkout page, you can check your recent purchase and find the download links in your “My Account” page.



Note: You have 90 DAYS to download your links or they will EXPIRE. Once you have the download links, it is your responsibility to download them within 90 days. 

If, for some reason, your download link does not arrive, check your spam/junk box and your Account FIRST before contacting me please. The setting on your email dictates what arrives in your inbox and what goes to spam, so check there first. Remember, that AOL and Hotmail do not support the download links, so do not use those email addresses.


If you have read this post and still have questions, please send me an email.

Again, thanks for supporting and using my materials.



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