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I cannot overemphasize what a great find Fortune Cookie Mom’s packets are. They’re perfect for busy Chinese teachers and parents to help teach specific vocabulary, holidays, seasons, and Chinese culture.

Her graphics are adorable. She has SO many activities. She provides them in 8 language combinations. The activity packs are appropriate for multiple age levels. The activities work well even without a color printer. There is a handy Table of Contents so you have an easy reference for when you’re printing individual activities instead of the whole entire book. Plus, there is a suggested age range for each activity.

Her packets are a steal for the amount of value you get out of them.

~Virgina Duan, Owner of Mandarin Mama


“I am honored to recommend Fortune Cookie Mom and her wonderful printables to bilingual families. Many of my friends enjoy the packets with their kids because common topics and important Chinese holidays are taught in a fun way. They have the benefit of multiple language options: English, Simplified Chinese with or without Pinyin, Traditional Chinese with or without Zhuyin, and Traditional Chinese with Jyutping, so all Chinese learners can learn from them! She is also a kind, hard-working homeschooling parent who uses the printables with her own children. If you’re a busy parent raising bilingual children, definitely check out Fortune Cookie Mom’s resources” 

~ Betty Choi, Owner of CHALK Academy Chinese


“Some fantastic and fun ideas for not just my kids, but the whole family to participate. Both my girls love the activities, and they are now still playing some of them. They have certainly learned and remembered some Chinese language and culture from the challenges, and the best thing about them is bringing all of us together and enjoy our playtime. It is important to have a fun element, and can’t be too serious about it all. They learn best when they are having fun. I will definitely tell others if there are any other challenges.”

~Billy Chong


The CNY 10 day challenge helped to choose the best activities for preschoolers to learn. Instead of wasting my time, browsing all over the internet to find materials. I couldn’t finish some of them, because some activities require preparation. But this challenge really motivates me to do at least one learning activity with my child every day. I was happy to see others posting their challenge progress. If I know the challenge ahead of time, I would recommend more people to join me. I’m looking forward to doing the next Chinese learning challenge! I would like to have an overview of the challenges ahead of time, so I know how much time I need to prep the materials I would like to prepare them a week early before starting the challenge.

~Michelle Huang, Owner of Cantonese Mommy

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