Happy Anniversary!! I started this blog a year ago! WOW!! It’s time to celebrate. In this post, I am going to feature some highlights from Fortune Cookie Mom, and introduce a GIVEAWAY at the bottom of this post. Are you ready?


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Starting Fortune Cookie Mom has been an amazing journey.  From deciding to start homeschooling my three young children in a tiny apartment in Hong Kong to being inspired to create my own Chinese printables and learning resources, this has been a magical year for me. It was very exciting and terrifying at the same time because I had no clue about building a website, designing all sorts of banners and products, marketing, software to create printables, to take high-quality photos, and or do social media. You know, I am just a stay home mom, but now, I feel like I am consistently learning all kinds of skills and knowledge in a college Social Media 101 class. If you don’t know my story and would like to know more, click HERE to see my profile.


Accomplishments in the 1st Year

Somedays I’m amazed by what we’ve accomplished here. Here’s a quick rundown of some of those things.

1. Chinese Printables

Paid Products

  • 11 Pre-K/K Theme Packs {with 5/6 language versions}
  • 3 Chinese Art & Crafts printables
  • 4 Others Holidays’ activities Packs
  • 3 printables for classrooms/homeschooling classrooms
  • 2 Chinese Math printables
  • 1 Chinese & English Coloring pages
  • 20 set of Asian-style Clipart


  • 2 Chinese-literature Unit Studies printables
  • 22  {Chinese Vocab book + Chinese Mini-books}
  • And over 100 freebies

2. Published Fortune Cookie Mom Blog Posts

  • 54 blog posts (and counting!)

3. Fortune Cookie Mom Guest Posts

4. Social Media Communities

*You are ALL welcome to join us too! It is fun to meet other parents and educators who are also teaching Chinese to their kids or students.

5. My Wonderful Team

I am so lucky to have the support of my husband who takes amazing photos of all the products and banners of my blog posts. I also have a very talented artist who designs the Asian-style clipart I put on my printables. Finally, I have a family member who proofreads and edits my work as well. Want to know more about my team, click HERE to read more.

6. Making Audios

I know how important it is to have media for learning languages, so I decided to leave my comfort zone and record myself doing audios for my Chinese Vocab books and Mini-books. I usually do my recordings after my kids are asleep, so these are often done in the middle of the night. Please forgive me if they are not perfect, but I hope you will enjoy using these extra resources.


Goals for the Coming Year

  1. Make more Theme Packs with printables
  2. Keep making audios
  3. Start recording videos


Wonderful Memories from Others

Being a Caucasian Mom in the U.S. trying to teach my half-Chinese children Mandarin has been a struggle. We have limited resources where we are for Mandarin language. Even the ones we find, the kids speak Mandarin at home. So, when I found Fortune Cookie Mom and I was relieved to have materials that I can use with my little kids. It’s been great to use the printables at home and I’m thrilled that I can continue for many years!  – Marcie from Marcie in Mommyland

As a fellow blogger and Chinese teacher, I appreciate Po Tim’s hard work on creating fun Mandarin Chinese learning materials to help children enjoy the learning. I am looking forward to seeing more creative works from Po Time. Keep up the great work! – Lin Gong from WenJunior

The memorable thing about fortune cookie mom was the videos you made, showing us how your lovely children are so eager to learn Chinese with the materials you created for them. The printable little books are great, I can easily bring a few of them with me on the go for my son to read or draw on it. (He is still too young to learn those characters) it’s important to expose more Chinese in front of him all the time so he will be interested to read them when time comes. I can always print another one if it get chewed up. (My son is like a puppy). Looking forward to more learning materials made by fortune cookie mom. Thank you.   Michelle Huang (She came visited me from NY)

As a homeschooling mom, I always like to learn how other moms homeschool their kids. Fortune Cookie Mom is one of my inspirations. I like how the blog share art ideas for different holiday celebration especially for the Chinese(Hong Kong) holidays because I can share HK culture to my kids by using their art ideas even we don’t get to celebrate it here in Hawaii. Carol Au (College friend from Hong Kong)

I found out about Fortune cookie mom when I was doing some research on how to homeschool my child in Chinese. I was excited when I found her blog with so many interesting printables as well as her ideas on how she homeschools her children. My child is still young, but I am already taking notes from her. I remember sending her a message, asking her if she would start a group on Chinese homeschooling for preschoolers. It is just difficult to find resources and ideas on Chinese homeschooling, especially for those who are staying in countries with none to limited Chinese resources. As time goes, I am sure that fortune cookie mom will have more ideas and resources to share, as well as the homeschooling Chinese group grows, it will definitely benefit our little ones.  Samantha Lim-Chojnowski (Moderator from Homeschooling Chinese & English Pre-K/ K Group)

I am so happy to have found your blog and your amazing resources. My kids at school love your lovely graphics and they helped me a lot in my classes. Very nice, we wait for more! – Elisa Ferrero from Cinese Virtuale (Virtual Chinese)

I would love to Give My Thanks

Again, I really want to say THANKS to everyone who has supported me, messaged me, bought my products, shared your ideas, and sent photos of your kids using my materials. Thank you very much. More than me helping you, I feel like you are helping me live my dream. The blogging world can be very lonely, but even though most of us have never met and probably won’t meet, I feel connected to you. I don’t feel alone when I am facing my computer because all your kind words have reached me.

Thank you very much. 謝謝您們!!

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