It is a struggle to find great Chinese learning resources for your child!  And it is hard to know which ones are worth trying. It is even harder if you yourself don’t speak Chinese or have very little Chinese background? But I finally find one, it is a well designed and fun product which aims to help kids learn Chinese – Chineasy.

I have reached out to the makers of Chineasy and have secured a special deal for my 6 of my readers, that’s right ONLY 6! 

This Limited Deal is the newest learning resource from Chineasy: Chineasy Tiles! This deal comes with bonuses, discounts, and worldwide shipping. Great Sign Me Up!



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I am a native-Cantonese speaker and a homeschooling mom. I have come to realize there just isn’t very many good resources for teaching Chinese, especially for my little ones, that’s why I started making my own. Listening to a conversation and speaking in Chinese isn’t that hard, however teaching Chinese characters, getting them to be able to read and write is a huge challenge.

Even though I make a lot of my own materials, I am always on the lookout for good resources and of course, I found Chineasy.




About Chineasy ( an excerpt from the official website)

Shao-Lan Hsueh is a Taiwanese entrepreneur based in London because she couldn’t find a way to help her children to learn Chinese, so she started to develop a visual method to make reading Chinese fun and easy. From 2013 Shao-Lan talked in TED talk about Chineasy to now the Chineasy Tiles is launching,  she provides a new and prominent way for children to learn Chinese and hit millions of people all over the world. Click HERE to learn even more about Chineasy.



Chineasy Tiles


Chineasy, the award-winning methodology that revolutionized how people learn Chinese, just launched its latest educational toy: Chineasy Tiles – a learning tool that makes learning Chinese fun and easy for all ages.
These are the main Chinese language skills that are acquired by using Chineasy tiles:
  • recognizing characters (both Traditional and Simplified characters are included)
  • combining words into phrases
  • using characters in sentences, etc.


If you are not familiar with this new product, WATCH the video above and click here to learn more about it.

Already convinced! Sign up for this great deal here.


So What’s the Deal?

The retail price of a Chineasy Tiles is $91 USD + $16 USD for worldwide shipping = Total $107 USD.

Now, here is the Special Deal we arranged.  Valid until July 13th, 2017 (TH). Each of us will only need to pay TOTAL of $89 USD. It will include:

  • 1 set of Chineasy Tiles
  • 1 Chineasy Coloring Book
  • 1 FREE Month of Golden Chineasian
  • Worldwide shipping (you can receive all these in your mailbox.)


<<You can save $18 USD Plus get additional Bonuses!!>>

Alright! let’s do this reserves yours NOW!


Is this Offer For Everyone?

Yes. After you purchased the Chineasy Titles, they will ship with all the bonuses to anywhere in the world!


This offer is LIMITED!! There is only 6 available. It will be first come first serve! Also, we must have 6 in order to qualify for this from Chineseasy! If we don’t meet our goal in time then all then the deal is gone and the money will be refunded.


The DeadLine

We are going to accept payment until July 13th, 2017 (Th)Let’s Do This!


Can’t decide? These Videos might Help!

There aren’t many amazing Chinese board games of this quality out there. It’s a very special deal, a chance to receive it with dia scount and with bonuses. Especially if you are not currently living in any Chinese-speaking areas, it’s a very good tool for you to help your child learn Chinese. Don’t miss this awesome deal.

First come first serve!!



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