fantastic summer activities

Summer is here! And summer in Hong Kong is terribly hot ( 30 plus Degree Celsius) and extremely humid ( over 80% humidity). Yuck!

This is going to be a SERIES of FUN, “COOL”, and EASY summer activities. So, come follow along and have a great summer.

fantastic summer activities


Playing in the Rain

Hong Kong belongs to a tropical monsoon climate, which means frequent typhoons and thunderstorms are common. Before moving to Hong Kong, the desert of Utah was home. There wasn’t any rain at all, now that we are in HK, my husband loves to take the kids and play in the rain.

Playing in the rain costs nothing. It can be done anywhere, and it is super fun. The only thing needed is a bit of patience or a prayer for rain.


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playing in the rain 2

Playing in the rain is not only for them to have fun and get wet, but my girls also have learned more about the weather by watching, experiencing, touching, and listening to the changes in the weather outside.

Whenever the sky turns dark and the wind blows harder, my girls know that it is going to rain outside. When they hear thunder and see lightning it doesn’t scare them because they associate it with playing in the rain (We don’t take them out to play in the rain during thunderstorms).

It is interesting that traditionally Chinese people think of playing in the rain will cause serious illness, and can lead to death. So when it is raining outside, people find it weird that people (us) are running around, screaming, splashing in puddles, and laughing.

snail appear after rain

After playing in the rain, we put them in a warm bath and get them some warm drinks to keep them from getting sick. Sometimes after the rain stops,  we go out and look for bugs and insects that appear. It is another rare learning opportunity to explore and find bugs and insects, especially living in such a large urban place as Hong Kong.


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For whatever reasons you may not able to play in the actual rain, you may be interested in the following activities:

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Have you ever play in the rain with your kids?

Do you have any other ideas to make playing in the rain more fun?

After playing in the rain, use our FREE Chinese Summer Theme Pack will be perfect for you to teach about summer.




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