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Are you tired of the typical beach activities (e.g. swimming, sunbathing, playing with sand)?

I am. Especially after I had my kids, I couldn’t even do the first two activities without others watching my kids for me. So, I needed to think of something FUN, with No Prep, No mess (hopefully), and that was educational to do at the beach.fantastic summer activities2


Playing at the Beach

We are SUPER lucky that our current home in HK has a beach nearby. Almost every weekend, we take our kids to play at the beach.

This is our beach  — Butterfly Bay Beach. My flat is behind all these tall buildings.

Butterfly BeachThanks for Hiroshi foto for all these fantastic photos.


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At the beach 1    At the beach 3

Playing with the Ocean Water                                  Exploring Ocean Creatures

 At the beach 2     At the beach 4

 Taking awesome pictures                         Crab Catching

Of course, I also taught them some Chinese words and terms about playing at the beach, so that they can learn to speak Chinese while playing at the beach.

I bring games and activities to the beach from the summer theme pack, so my kids can learn at the beach. We use the vocabulary cards as a “Search and Find” activity. It is more fun for everyone.



This is a Summer Pre-K/Kindergarten Theme Pack that I created for you.

**There are 2 FREE versions, and 5 versions for the Full Pack.



 Chinese number-clip-card4                 matching-game4




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There are also SO MANY awesome ideas for playing at the beach from the internet. I have gathered the BEST ideas for you.

If you don’t have access to the beach, NO PROBLEM. There also some posts and ideas about that.



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No Beaches? Here are other Beach-related Activities to Play at Home:

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Tips & Hacks for Having a Stress-less Beach Day:

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I can’t wait to try some of these this summer.

Did you try these activities or tricks before?

Which is your favorite?

Are there any problems that you run into?

Do you have any ideas we can add to this list?

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