What are your favorite Christmas traditions or activities?

Putting up a Christmas tree and exchanging gifts are highlights of the holidays.  We never had space for a big Christmas tree but I loved getting out our little plastic one, decorating it with too many ornaments and placing next to our tv. After everything was all set, the lights would be turn off and we would enjoy the soft glow of our Christmas tree as a family.  This is always the best moment and gives me the most incredible feeling during Christmas. The lights are a great symbol of hope and it always makes me happy to see them. Giving and receiving gifts is a fun way to express and show love for one another. I just love Christmas, there is so much love in the cold air.


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This year has been quite special for me. I have home-schooled both of my girls, and my baby was no longer an infant, so I had a little more time than the year before. I really enjoy teaching my girls at home and covering all the different subjects, making crafts, painting, singing, etc. Especially during Christmas. Finally, it seems, my children are excited about homeschooling with me. This excitement motivates me to create more activities for them so they can learn the true meaning of Christmas.


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Giving gifts is a great way to show love for others. For children, they often receive gifts from others all year, but Christmas is a perfect opportunity for them to give gifts. Of course, they don’t need to use a lot of money to buy things for others. I strongly recommend allowing children to create and make their own gifts or provide some kind of service. In this way, they are able to learn how to think of other’s needs, use their creativity to create things, find solutions on their own, and even boost their self-confidence and compassion.




I have made SIX FREE Christmas gift tags with Black or White colors fonts. Each gift tag contains a little a warm greeting, it is a fun way to learn some Chinese Christmas greetings.

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There are 6 versions for you to choose from: Chinese characters (Simplified or Traditional), Chinese with Pinyin, and Chinese with English.

I hope you will enjoy teaching your children how to express love for others.




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What are your favorite Christmas traditions & activities for your family?

What are your favorite CHINESE Christmas printables?


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