Chinese Literature-Based Unit Studies

Reading takes a huge part of learning. And yet, if we can read and learn from our favorite books and literature WITHOUT any application to deepen our knowledge, that seems like a waste.

Therefore, I decided to make some literature-based printable, both in Chinese and English, so our children can be benefited from it.

This page contains different FREE Chinese literature-based unit studies printable to download.

Hope we can all start to form a tradition of reading with our children.


What is the Literature-Based Unit Studies?

Some people call it Living Books, others say it is a study method that is less textbook, more real books.

Literature-based Unit Studies is a method that allows students to learn and gather information from books and different pieces of literature.

What I usually do was, I pick an English book for one week, and a Chinese book for another week.

During those weeks, I plan out different activities and pick the focus of different subjects (e.g. math, reading, vocab, science, geography, history, art, & music, etc.) from those particular books.

More about Chinese Literature-Based Unit Studies

If you want to know even more about literature-based unit studies, I wrote a post just for you. I also included my plans for incorporating with Chinese children books and my daily teaching.


Chinese Literature Printable Lists

The following classic children stories are chosen because they have both English and Chinese versions and they are very good books for kids.

For each story, I created printable with all sorts of fun things to do, like hands-on activities, games, and coloring pages.

Click on the following icons to get access of the instructions and printable.

If you enjoy it, if leave me a comment and let me know!

~More will come~

If you have any fun ideas or any creative suggestions of different Chinese books along with printables, feel free to contact me by emailing me at


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