If you are looking for some ideas for Chinese class during March and April, this FREE Spring Theme Pack is what you are looking for.  This FREE Spring Theme Pack is a perfect hands-on printable to introduce common spring objects to your kids.

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Need MORE Chinese Resources to 

Teach your Kids?

The FREE Spring Theme Pack includes


– Colorful Matching Games
– Handwriting Practices
– Fine Motor Skills
– Matching Activities
– Puzzles

More Resources for the Spring Theme Pack

In addition to the printables in the Spring Theme Pack, I created these four additional free resources that you can use with the Spring Pack. I hope you and your child enjoy using these resources along with the Spring Theme Pack.


Spring Vocabulary Poster

This is a visual aid and a mini-vocabulary wall. You can simply print, laminate and hang it anywhere you like.

Spring Vocab Book

There are six vocabulary words from the Spring Theme Pack, so you have the option of introducing the spring vocabulary with the Vocab book first, or the flashcards from the Spring Theme pack first. You child can actually hold a Chinese book to read which is much more enjoyable than learning Chinese from the TV or computer all day.

Spring Mini-book

The Spring Mini-Book uses all of the vocabularies you have learned and adds some new, simple sight words. This is a great resource to help you and your child enlarge your Chinese vocabulary and improve your reading comprehension.


If you are worried that your Chinese isn’t very good or if you don’t know any Chinese, you can access the audio files for the Vocab and Mini Books. You and your child can sit back, relax, and enjoy the books and audio at the same time. The audio files are available in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and English.

This is How We Used the Spring Theme Pack

 spring-pack-is-here  spring-pack-is-here

 spring-pack-is-here  spring-pack-is-here

In order to familiarize my children with the theme, we used the English pack last week. Once they had a foundation of the theme in their mother tongue, they were more excited to learn about spring in Cantonese. After I taught them the vocabulary from the theme pack and had them repeat the words, we played the matching game and worked on the printables for the next few days. My kids really enjoyed hearing my voice while reading the vocab and mini books.


Additionally, I also tried to come up with some art projects and painting ideas for my kids. I usually want them to write the words and do something with the Chinese characters that they just learned. I will to post them on my Facebook Page or write a post about them too.

I also will try to find some Chinese spring songs from Youtube that we can sing and dance along to.

Outside of “school time”, I try to talk about what we have seen at the park, and encourage them to use the vocabulary they have learned.


Now, we are ready for the Spring!!

*If the FREE Spring Theme Pack is not enough for you, you might consider purchasing the FULL version of the Spring Theme Pack which contains much more goodies inside than the FREE version.



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