Chinese Theme Packs were my first products on my blog. Then, Chinese ebooks and all kinds of activities and printables followed naturally.  All in all, 12 Chinese Theme Packs have been created and published. I have had many wonderful reviews written about them.  Thanks for supporting me and letting me know that my creations have been useful for your children and students. Today, I’m making an announcement that you won’t want to miss.



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Chinese Theme Packs are one of my most popular products. Have you ever wondered how much time it took to make each theme pack?


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Anyone care to guess?


My Process of Creating Chinese Theme Packs

First, I have to plan out the vocabulary and clipart that I need for each Chinese Theme Pack. Then, after I receive the clipart from my artist, I can create the first set and print it out to do a quality check. Since I there are 6 language versions of each pack, I have to copy & paste, change and translate, and do this and that for the rest of the packs. I also have to make some FREE version and Preview for my TpT store.

After all this, I have to start making each language version a beautiful cover and four banners for all of my social media accounts as well. It has become easier as I continue on, but when I first started using photoshop, I spent hours to just do very simple things. Fortunately, I only need to copy and paste different photos, theme colors, and texts.

The final step is spending about 2 hours uploading and organizing everything on my blog and my TpT store.

If I decide to write a blog post about that particular Chinese Theme Pack, I would then need to print it out, cut it, and laminate it, then cut it again and put everything in different sandwich bags according to activity. Then, my husband takes photos even videos of my children using the packs. It takes about 3-4 days, on and off to finish.

So I would guess it takes us (our artist, my husband, and me) at least 40 hours, maybe more for each Chinese Theme Packs.

That’s my life as a homeschooling mom and a blogger.

Sometimes it is hard to find motivation and drive to make these materials, but I enjoy the amazing result from my own children and all of you. So thank you for giving me encouragement and motivation to keep doing this work.


Announcement: Limited Deal at the Recent Price

Daily Use Bundle      Theme Pack Bundle

 All Holidays 12 Pack


Due to many reasons, I have decided to raise the price of each Chinese Theme Pack after this Chinese New Year (2/16/2018). One of the main reasons for the prices going up to to be more fair, for all those who put so much work in making this blog a success, I couldn’t have done this alone and for us to be able to continue we will need to raise our prices.

But for the time being, I have made 4 Chinese Theme Pack BUNDLES for you, so you can enjoy 20% OFF right away by purchasing theme packs in a bundle.

That’s mean you can still get each Chinese Theme Pack for USD$ 8.00 now until the 16th of February 2018, then the price will go up.


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