Chinese Vocab Books 中文生字書

There are many ways to increase your children’s vocabulary, e.g. flashcards, vocab cards, and vocab chins. My children’s really enjoy using my small, colorful vocab books. They love these small, light vocab books because the size makes it easier for them to get the books from the bookshelf themselves and read wherever they want. They also love the cute, brightly colored images in the books that help them successfully recognize Chinese words. This makes the whole learning process much easier and more enjoyable.

Here is the sample of Chinese New Year Vocab Book:

chinese-new-year-vocabbook-2 chinese-new-year-vocabbook-2

How to Assemble to Books

1. Print the books on 8.5 X 11 paper using the double-sided setting.
2. Fold the paper in half top-to-bottom (Hamburger fold) and cut along the fold.
3. Fold in half again and assemble book according to the page number.
4. Using a long-arm stapler, staple on the crease. If you don’t have a long-arm stapler, then you can try the method in this video: Stapling a Booklet


 summer-vcaob-book    manners-vocab-book    mid-autumn-vocab-book

halloween-vocab-book    cny-vocab-book    easter-vocab-book

Want more Chinese books with other topics?


school-vcaob-book    family-vocab    christmas-vocab-book

spring-vocab-book    dragon-boat-vocab-book

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