Chinese New Year- Chinese Vocab Book 8

Here is the CHINESE NEW YEAR Chinese Vocab Book.

 chinese-new-year-vocabbook-2 chinese-new-year-vocabbook-2

There are 5 versions:

Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese with Pinyin
Simplified Chinese with Pinyin


What I suggest to do:

  1. For young children, you can use the English Vocab book first to introduce your theme – CHINESE NEW YEAR! Let them explore things that they will see in Chinese New Year. You can read English books about it, or things that related to it, and you can find some English Pre-K/ Kindergarten Packs from other homeschooler bloggers to practice and really go in depth about Chinese New Year. Then, you can use the Chinese Vocab Book to incorporate the knowledge and experience that they have got into Chinese learning.
  2. For elementary level students, you can skip the English Vocab Book, and go straight to the Chinese one. Study and learn the vocab from the Chinese one with the Pre-K/Kindergarten Chinese New Year Pack and the Chinese New Year Mini-Book that I made, so the students will have the opportunity to experience and practice with the designed activities.



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Chinese Vocab book Audios

After downloading the Chinese Vocab Books, there is an audio playlist for English, Cantonese and Mandarin of the Vocab Books. I really hope through the listening the audios, you and your children are able to gain more interest and access to Chinese literature.

Happy Reading!


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