Are you looking for Christmas activities in Chinese and English to help keep your kids occupied during the holidays?

When I was living in the states, I struggled to find Christmas materials in Chinese. I wanted to read Christmas stories in Chinese with my children but was never able to find any books.

But now, I’m lucky enough to have a local library literally a stone’s throw away, now I can easily access Chinese books on every topic. As well, I have created Christmas printables and activities in Chinese & English. You can enjoy the holidays while making crafts and decorating your lovely home with a bit of Chinese mixed in too.


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Need MORE Chinese Resources to 

Teach your Kids?

Christmas Activities’ Packs


This is an activity pack (with more than 20 pages) the activities are appropriate for ages 3-7. There is a “Chinese ONLY”, a “Chinese with Pinyin”, and an “English ONLY” version.

<<Contents include>>

Decorate a Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas Lights

Dear Santa Letters

Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas Card Making



Christmas Arts & Crafts

Inside the Christmas Activities Pack, you’ll find the first two activities are arts & crafts. Arts & crafts are one of the best ways to make low-cost decorations for your home, a great way for children to practice motor skills, and also a good time to spend some time with your children.


Aren’t they beautiful? Are you ready to make your own?


Christmas Wreath

Things to prepare:


Two pages of from the printable pack, colored pencils/ crayons, scissors, and glue stick



1. Color the Christmas wreath.



2. Cut out the clipart from the next page.



3.  Glue on clipart as decoration. If you desire, use other materials to decorate the wreath.


christmas-activities-pack-4  christmas-activities-pack-3



DIY Christmas Lights

This was my girls’ favorite activity. I was surprised that even my 3-year-old was able to cut the light bulbs out and make the green loop chain on her own. After she finished and held up her chain of Christmas lights, her face glowed like real Christmas lights. OK! Let’s start!

Things to prepare:



Two pages from the printable pack, a couple sheets of green construction paper, colored pencils/ crayons, scissors, and glue sticks



1. Color the Christmas lights.



2. Trace the Chinese words.



3. Cut strips of green construction papers.



4. Use the green strips to make a chain.



5. Glue each light bulb on the green chain. Then hang it on the wall or Christmas tree.


 christmas-activities-pack-8  christmas-activities-pack-9  christmas-activities-pack-6

You can see how much fun they had and how excited my girls were. They especially loved the “tracing Chinese words” part. They felt so proud when they were able to write in Chinese. Also, they had fun making their own decorations to help decorate our home.


Chinese Christmas Cards

Another GREAT printable in the Christmas Activities Pack is the Christmas Cards.

Is sending Christmas cards to others a tradition in your family? It is in ours! But before I was married I never sent any family pictures with my Christmas cards, growing up in Hong Kong it wasn’t popular. I would make or buy Christmas cards, and then write a short message and then either mail them or pass out the cards in person.

It is a fantastic idea for little ones to make asuper simple and cute Christmas cards It allows them to practice writing and reading, it also develops the habit of expressing LOVE to others through letters or cards and they will learn some Chinese while doing it.



There are 3 levels of this Christmas cards

  • For beginners: Children only need to write his/her name, or the receiver’s name.
  • For preschoolers: Children can write his/her name, the receiver’s name, and also trace the Chinese characters for “Merry Christmas”.
  • For upper level: They can get a “blank” Christmas cards, and can write it on their own.


There are also 5 versions of this. They include; Chinese Characters,  Chinese with Pinyin, and English ONLY.

I can’t wait to see my kids passing out their Christmas cards to friends and family.

 christmas-activities-pack-16  christmas-activities-pack-2  christmas-activities-pack-17




What other kinds of Christmas activities do you like to do with your family?

What is your most memorable Christmas and why?


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