We love new learning resources, don’t we? One of my great friends has created an amazing learning resource – Discover Talking Pen Series: “Discover Wonder“.




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One of the main reasons I homeschool my kids is to allow promote self-learning. Traditional school systems limit what topics and content children learn with textbooks and standardized tests, so children have very limited time to explore on their own. That was my experience in school, and I don’t want my children to have the same experience. I want them to have an education without limits.

However, I’m sure you can imagine how busy it is to be a stay-at-home mom and a homeschooling mom. I basically have 2 full-time jobs. I confess that sometimes I feel so tired that I just want my children to do their worksheets and pick out their library books on their own. But they are so young that they can’t even read yet, so they need me to read for them. Sometimes, I wish there was someone who could read for me especially when I am tired after talking to my children all day long.

Using a talking pen doesn’t mean I am using it to replace me and the time to read with them. In fact, it can provide extra reading time for my children. For example, they can use it when I am fixing meals, or when they wake up earlier than me, feel bored, or are waiting at a restaurant. Instead of giving them extra screen time or having to pack many toys, a book with a talking pen is an excellent alternative.


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Discover talking pen

What is a Talking Pen?

Talking pen is a magic pen specially designed for learning. With a talking pen, learners are more involved in their learning. Talking Pen is a revolutionary technology which brings multiple languages, sounds, songs and interactivity to the printed page! It’s a fantastic new way to enhance literacy skills.


What Contents is Included?

They cover a rich amount of content in the talking books. Here are some sample units:


1. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)

  • Where a glass of water goes after entering our bodies
  • Different forms of water and fun facts (how ice has no same patterns, how steam can propel trains)
  • How animals drink water (without a cup)
  • Where you can find water (beach, waterfalls, oceans, lakes, streams, rivers)
  • Disasters relating to water
  • On what other planets can we find water
  • What animals love or hate water


2. World awareness

  • Cities with:
    • water as main transportation
    • people living on boats
  • Cities that sunk into the water
  • Famous waters around the world: beach, waterfalls, lakes, oceans etc


3. Life application

  • Jobs related to water
  • Activities on water
  • Buying drinks at the store (intro to money)


4. Environmental Awareness

  • How much water is wasted a year
  • Why we need to conserve water and how


5. Arts


6. History

  • Why people boil water – how diseases spread through water
  • Other famous history stories relating to water


7. Activity


How is The Discover Talking Pen different from Others?

  • Best in class technology – Encryption decodes code in real time with no delay
  • Advanced features – You can record your own voice onto the stickers and turn your child’s favorite books into a talking book. Better yet, remote family and friends (grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, you name it!) can upload their recordings to your pen through our software!
  • Superior content – Every month, your little thinker will receive a 50-page book covering STEAM, world awareness, environmental awareness, history, and so much more. Each of the books is crafted to stimulate your child’s ability to think beyond the norm.


Why did Cecilia develop The Discover Talking Pen and Discover Wonders?

Cecilia is a mother of two who homeschools and was constantly overwhelmed by the mountain of responsibilities she has as a mother. She really prefers not to let her children sit and watch TV when she has to do household chores. When she came across this engaging hybrid of technology and books, she was sold. She was also frustrated with how scattered materials are when it comes to prepping her unit studies.

Now, millions of talking pens are being sold in Asia. It really is the “secret weapon” of Asian parenting. With extremely educational STEM-focused content, Cecilia believes this can help moms in the US encourage independent learning while having a great bonding experience with their children.


*Want to know more about Cecilia?

You can read even more about her from an interview, both in Traditional Chinese or in English.



How does the Talking Pen work?

  • Invisible code is printed on the books
  • Talking pen’s optical ID technology scans the invisible code (think scanning barcodes)
  • Talking pen calls the audio file assigned to code
  • Viola, your little thinker will enjoy this fun and engaging learning tool!



How does Discover Wonders work?

  1. Sign up
  2. Every month a talking book will be delivered to your door, investigating the wonders behind an ordinary item using 300 audio hotspots and beautiful illustrations.
  3. Enjoy!



How to Get it? [Good news for you!!]

They need at least 1000 orders to get the pens and books manufactured, so they are running a special pre-sale event (Kickstarter) later this month (Februray 2018). They will have a small amount of one-time, “super early-bird” specials during the first hour.


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I hope that when they are successful, they can make some Chinese content too!


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