How many people get to marry the person of their dreams?

Not me. (I’m sure there are many that did)

I have NEVER dreamed of marrying a Japanese-American, let alone one that can read, write, and speak Chinese.

Whoever dreamed of marrying a man like that? I definitely didn’t! But, it turned out I was one FORTUNATE girl.

We were married in the United State, lived there for 5 years, and had 2 beautiful girls.

Then, one day, we decided to move back to Hong Kong, but just for a few years.


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When & Why I Decided to HOMESCHOOL?

In Hong Kong, because of the high population and limited space, schools are crowded and competition is stiff.  Getting a child into a good school is a top priority for parents and which school they attend effects their entire future. If a child can’t get into a good pre-school or kindergarten, the possibility of getting into a good elementary and high school drops significantly, which means the chance for that child to go to any University in Hong Kong is next to none. The future of that child will be very difficult.

Since we moved back to Hong Kong, we have heard so many crazy stories from others about the local school system. Most of the Hong Kong kids, start school on their 2nd birthday. (What? They aren’t even potty trained yet!)  Some parents even register and schedule interviews at the best pre-schools during pregnancy.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? I cannot put my children into such a stressful and extremely competitive school system! How can I provide an appropriate and stress-free learning environment for my two girls in Hong Kong?

My husband answered, “HOMESCHOOL.”

That’s why we started this journey of homeschooling in Hong Kong.  I want to homeschool using both English and Cantonese.


My GOALS of Homeschooling My Bilingual Children

  • Homeschool my children following the United State school system.
  • Increase my children’s interest, excitement, and motivation in learning and using Chinese.
  • Provide opportunities for my children to be independent and self-reliant.


Where am I Right Now?

I have homeschooled my children for nearly one year and have put more focus on teaching English than Chinese. So this coming school year, I decided to focus more on teaching Chinese and just keeping pace with the U.S. in English.

That’s where I am right now. I have a couple hours every day during their nap, which I used to start this blog, and to collect and create some Chinese materials for my children and other people who need them.

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So how about you? When and why did you decide to homeschool your children? What did you do to help your children to adjust and accept homeschooling? How have you and your family changed during this process? Finally, what difficulties are you faced with?



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