In the past week, my guest post about tips for teaching Chinese at home and an interview post were published. In case you missed either article I decided to do a little recap here, so you can see what I talked about and ask questions.






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Featured on 卡門人妻 Wife Kaman



A couple months ago, I was surprised to receive a message from my old Hong Kong friend, Ka Man, who is living in LasVergus with her little family.  Since she is blogging about life in LaVergus as an Asian woman and how to live a well-balanced family life, she invited me to do an interview for her blog (卡門人妻 Wife Kaman). Then, we scheduled a time to skype and have a fun, uplifting talk. After that, she summarized our chat and wrote it down in Traditional Chinese for her Chinese readers.


Summary of the Interview

Although this blog post is only written in Traditional Chinese, Ka Man did a wonderful job writing. For those who can’t read Chinese, here is a brief summary of the interview. In this blog post, Ka Man turned our skype interview into 7 paragraphs. They are:


  1. Even though living in Hong Kong is not the best place to raise a family, we still chose to move back for a little bit, so my kids can learn better Cantonese and understand Chinese culture.
  2. We manage our finances when we are living in one of the most expensive cities in the world by having a budget, limiting how much we eat out, and not taking vacations.
  3. We decided to homeschool because we don’t like the education system in Hong Kong, school tuition here is expensive, and we love the flexibility of homeschooling.
  4. My schedule of homeschooling: fun, age-appropriate, meaningful.
  5. Being a stay-home mom that homeschools her children helps me have a better relationship with my children.
  6. She introduced my blog. (YEAH!!)
  7. I’m not a superwoman, and I have moments when I feel frustrated, very tired and busy. Sometimes I even feel jealous of other women, but I am always grateful for the opportunity to teach, play, and learn with my children in our home.


You can read the original post (in Traditional Chinese) here:

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Featured on Born Bilingual



I first found Bea when I read her article, “How to bring up your child bilingual: don’t follow the received wisdom“. I love reading these educational articles because I always learn something new. In the article, she talked about how to truly understand and accept each child’s learning process, and that we also need to teach academic language. I was very impressed after reading it, and when I learned that she was starting to teach her kid Chinese, I introduced myself. After that, we got to know each other better and began messaging about how to teach Chinese to our own kids.

A month ago, she invited me to write a guest post for her blog (Born Bilingual) about how I started homeschooling my kids in Chinese. Below is a summary of the post for you to read.


Summary of the Blog Post: How I Started Homeschooling my Kids in Chinese

First, I talked about our story of moving back to Hong Kong, and deciding to homeschool our kids. Then, I provided 4 TIPS of Start Teaching Chinese at Home, which are:


  1. Create a Chinese learning area at your Home
  2. Set a regular time to learn Chinese
  3. Learn Together
  4. Connect with other parents/ groups online/ in person


You can read the full post here:

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I hope these articles will help you figure out the best education for your family. Enjoy reading and learning.

Please leave your comments below and let me know what you learned from these posts.




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