Love a good challenge? Need more Chinese teaching resources and materials at home? If you answered yes, then great! this is the right place!

This year marked the start of Chinese at home teaching challenges. Let’s learn more about the first challenge, the Chinese New Year: 10-Day Challenge and how to join future ones.


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Social media continues to grow and play a part in our lives. I have noticed that it is easy to slowly become judgemental of others and jealous too.

Sometimes while scrolling the posts, I find that I feel down or frustrated after seeing how much other kids are accomplishing and seeing the opportunities they have.

The problem is I continue to scroll onto the next post and then the next, however, I don’t feel any better and often not take any action either.

Maybe you can relate, but anyway, I decided to cut down on screen time, and concentrate on actual teaching and maintaining big dreams. And that’s what I did.

I gathered my thoughts and started organizing them.

I knew in order to be successful the following was needed.

  • A group of friends/ parents with similar desires and goals (it’s hard to go it alone)
  • A quick, direct, and simple way to give access to all the resources and lesson plans
  • Experience sharing (the good and the bad) to help each other stay motivated, inspired and on track

What is the Free Teaching Chinese at Home Challenge?

The objective of these free challenges is to provide resources, support, and motivation, so parents are able to start teaching without all the stress.

And guess what the best part is?

We are teaching lessons TOGETHER!

The first challenge was a Chinese New Year challenge. What an awesome experience! It lasted for 10 days and 200 plus families from all over the world participated. For 10 days we all taught from the same lesson plan and shared our experiences! It was great.

It was definitely a defining moment and one of the biggest accomplishment since the start of this blog.

So, come and Join us Now!

Our First Teaching Chinese Challenge

The first free challenge was the Chinese New Year 10-day Challenge. It was designed to help children ages 3-8 learn more about Chinese New Years and to give the parents support, motivation, and the resources they needed to be successful. It came with 5 exclusive printables, a 10-day lesson plan, and daily emails for support.

These challenges are perfect for non-Chinese speakers because everything is translated into English.

If you want to start teaching Chinese to your kids and you don’t know Chinese at all. No problem. This challenge will be a perfect introduction to the fun side of Chinese culture and activities.

We also have a Facebook Group to showcase each day of the challenges and everyone’s experiences, to share inspiration and to be inspired by other parents. (Below are examples of how amazing parents did during the Chinese New Year 10-Day Challenge. It incredible!)


STOP Dreaming START Teaching

Join us in the 5-Day Chinese Motivation Challenges with parents & educators from all over the world.

How does the Challenge Work?

For you:

  • Gather all the supplies (mostly from your kitchen)
  • Print, cut and prepare the printable
  • Follow the lesson plan and teach

What is already done:

  • All the lesson plans and printables
  • A supply list for you to be prepared
  • An email with the lesson plan and printables one day ahead, for 10 days
  • Photos and videos of each lesson posted here on Facebook

Chinese New Year 10-Day Challenge Outline

These activities are planned to provide real-life learning experiences about Chinese New Year through hands-on activities, STEM, cultural food and customs, literacy & Math skills, pretend play and family activities.

The 10-Day Challenge Schedule Details

  • 1 – 1: Reading Chinese New Year Stories with Stick Puppets
  • 1 – 2: Making Chinese New Year Banners
  • 1 – 3: Playing Chinese New Year Games
  • 1 – 4: Playing with Chinese New Year Sensory Bin
  • 1 – 5: Making Napa Cabbage Dumplings for the Chinese New Year Family Feast
  • 2 – 1: Creating Chinese New Year Objects with Pattern blocks
  • 2 – 2: Making Chinese New Year Lanterns
  • 2 – 3: Chinese New Year Pretend Play
  • 2 – 4: Holding a Chopstick Competition
  • 2 – 5: Deep Cleaning and Decorating the House

Have suggestions for other topics or activities for future challenges? Please leave a comment below.

Be Inspired by Others

About 200 families joined in this challenge in 2019 January. There were many dedicated families in the challenge, here are some pictures showcasing their amazing accomplishments.

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Love School at Home

  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge
  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge
  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge
  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge
  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge
  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge

She always makes my printable or lessons look so much prettier and unique since she is very organized and neat. That’s why her kids enjoy learning freely in such a great environment.

>> Follow her Instagram HERE

Cantonese Mommy

  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge
  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge
  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge
  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge

She creates her own way to teach with my printables. I also love the simplicity as well and I wish I had her creativity.

>> Follow her Cantonese YouTube channel HERE.


  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge
  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge
  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge
  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge

This homeschooling parent followed along and did all 10 lessons with me. We bonded and instantly became friends who inspired each other EVERY DAY. I wish we lived close to them and could have playdates all the time.


  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge
  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge
  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge

I was so impressed with her Chinese New Year sensory bin with some Chinese spices like star anise, tea leaves, etc to trigger the sense of smell. It was so clever and inspiring! When thinking of China, what smells come to mind? What would you put in the sensory bin to provide that Chinese smell?


  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge
  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge
  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge
  • chinese-new-year-10-day-challenge

It was so neat to see the kids and parents working so hard while having so much fun together. That’s how little kids learn the best. Isn’t that what we want for our children?

See! Simply amazing, right?

I love how they create and add so many extra tools and insight into the lessons. I can’t wait to try it out as well.

Read through their AWESOME posts on the Facebook Group as well because they gave us even more details about their creations.

>>> Count Me In! I want to join them too.

Find their detailed posts:

  1. Go to my Facebook Group – Homeschooling Chinese Pre-K/K Group.
  2. Find Popular Topics in Posts on your left-hand side
  3. Select “Challenge”

Participate in the Future Challenges

After this challenge, I learned it was quite long. The challenge required 10 days in a row of constantly preparing materials and teaching the lessons.

There are SO MANY wonderful Chinese New Year activities that could be put into the challenge, because of that it was hard to pick and choose the best.

There will be more teaching challenges, It’s a great way to foster support, get resources, and find the motivation to actually start teaching, and not just not staring jealously at others on our phones.

Want to receive notices for future challenges, sign up below! and don’t miss out.

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Planning on Joining in the Next Challenge? Comment down below and introduce yourself!

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