I was invited to write a guest post for Learn Chinese with NihaoHello (one of my Chinese blogging best friends) and to write about something that I love and am very familiar with – Cantonese. I’m planning on writing a series of posts to showcase some very fascinating and interesting Cantonese phrases for the beginners. If you are interested in learning Cantonese, or planning going to Hong Kong, then follow along with our series it will help.fun-cantonese-101-pilot

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About this Guest Post

This is just the pilot post, and will be the start of a series for fun Cantonese phrases that you can learn and use. If you want to know more about Cantonese, and what am I will be writing about, click the icon.




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About Learn Chinese with NihaoHello

Jodee Lim is a Singaporean mom who is currently living in Estonia with her husband. Jodee and her husband are raising their cute and clever girl to speak Mandarin, English, Estonian and Hungarian. Jodee is bilingual, she speaks English and Chinese, and she started NihaoHello for English speakers wanting to learn Chinese in 2008. Cooking is another big part of her life, so Jodee started a food blog called Deelish Recipes in May of 2010 and has recipes from over 50 countries.

I originally found Jodee through her food blog (I am always looking for a great food blog with amazing Chinese recipes). Then, she introduced me to her Chinese Learning blog – NihaoHello as well, which I love because finding a great Chinese learning blog with amazing resources is hard.

NihaoHello is a blog that provides useful posts for English speakers who want to learn Mandarin Chinese. It is not Chinese learning methods and tips, but also provides great resources such as:

  • Chinese cultures
  • Chinese taboos
  • Interesting Chinese Proverbs
  • Chinese characters writing
  • Useful travel Chinese Phrases, etc.




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