When I started creating Chinese printables on my computer, my girls told me how much they wanted to play with them.

So, last week, I finally got time to print them off, laminate them,  and organize them. They enjoyed learning and playing with the Summer-Theme-Pack.


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Matching Game

Every kid loves to play matching games they are fun hands-on activities, and very simple yet, challenging. They are perfect for beginners as well. That’s why I created matching games for each theme pack.

I introduced the theme and talked about what things we can find during the summer and at the beach. Then, I used the matching game cards as flash cards to teach them vocabulary. I held each card up while sounding out the word and had them repeat after me.


Need MORE Chinese Resources to 

Teach your Kids?

After that, Matching Game Time!

The Rules are:

  • Every time when cards are picked the Chinese word must be spoken out loud.
    (Of course, I help them if they forget.)
  • When a pair is found, they get to keep the cards.
  • If a pair is found an extra turn is awarded. If a second pair is found the cards are kept but it is the end of their turn.
  • Once all the cards are gone, each player counts the total number card.


 matching-game1      matching-game2

 matching-game3      matching-game4

Thanks to Hiroshi foto for these beautiful Photos.

After they played a couple times, the Chinese vocab; its meaning and pronunciation solidified.


Chinese Vocabs & Mini-Books

After having a fun experience of playing a Chinese game, my girls felt very proud of themselves.  I hope your kids will have the same experience!

Then, I gave the Summer Chinese Vocab Book to my 3-year-old and the Summer Mini-Book to my 5-year-old. They were super excited that they found the SAME THINGS from the matching game in their books. WOW!! What a Surprise!! I was amazed my girls just sat down and went through the booklet over and over again. Sometimes, they would even teach each other.

Of course, I read these Chinese books for them too, I even use them as bed-time stories. My kids love them.

 Reading Chinese Books    Reading2   Reading Chinese Books 3

Remember to give these Chinese booklets an area in your bookshelf. I suggest to put them in a very easily accessible area so that your kids can pick them up to read whenever they want.

It is a good way for your children to fall in love with Chinese books and reading.

If you forgot to DOWNLOAD them, no worry, you can find the Chinese Vocab Books & Chinese Mini-Books here.


Chinese Number Clip Cards

When your kids have learned the first 10 Chinese numbers, they can play with these clip cards. My 5-year-old knew all of them, but she was still in shock that they are all in Chinese the first time. She did enjoy it and wanted to finish all of them.

My 3-year-old didn’t really know much about Chinese numbers yet. So I was able to sit down with her, count the objects in Cantonese together, and watch her put the clothes pins on. She loved it and felt very proud of herself.

 CChinese number-clip-card1   Chinese number-clip-card6

 Chinese number-clip-card3   Chinese number-clip-card2

Chinese number-clip-card4


Cute & Very Colorful Clothes Pins are very necessary for this activity.

  • My kids are more motivated to play this game with the cute clothes pins. (Of course, everyone loves CUTE things)
  • They are actually quite affordable.
  • You can use them for your art lesson, motor skills, counting, and all sort of things.


I love mine, and was definitely money well spent. They are worthy.

These are some of my favorite ones:


You can also get your FREE version of the Summer Chinese Theme Pack HERE.


Another  2 Favorite Activities for My Kids [Only in the Full Pack]

Word Puzzle

There are so many benefits from playing puzzles. And I’m glad my girls obsessed over them. They could play with them all day if permitted to.

That’s the other reasons why I created this Chinese word puzzle. I made it very simple because I know that most of the kids using the Packs are very young and have little to no Chinese background. I wanted these Word Puzzle to be easy to play with so that the focus is on learning Chinese.

 Chinese word-puzzle 1   Chinese word-puzzle 3

Using the Word Puzzle is a very effective way to teach your kids to recognize Chinese characters in a fun way. You can only get them with the FULL version of the Summer Chinese Theme Pack, which you will also receive other worksheets and fun activities as well.


Chinese Characters Clip Cards

So after playing the matching game, reading Chinese books, doing all sort of activities, and worksheets, your children should be quite familiar with these Chinese characters. Then, they should be ready to use these Chinese Characters Clip Cards to test their knowledge.

First of all, just to let you know, it is a harder activity, but it’s good for them to face some challenges, and solve problems as well. Right?

 chinese-clip-card1   chinese-clip-card2    chinese-clip-card3

What Your Children Need to Do are:

  • Each Clip card contains 3 different Chinese characters on it.
  • The only things your children need to do is to pick the CORRECT character which belongs to that object.
  • I tried to choose the Chinese characters that look similar, and have the same radical. So it will increase the difficulties of this game.
  • So make sure your children look for the characters really carefully.


Although this is my 1st Theme Pack, we did have a lot of fun already. This Pack can last me at least 2 weeks. I can use it for this year, and repeat it next year as well.

I hope you & your children will enjoy this Pack, and have FUN learning Chinese.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, or questions for the Packs or for me, feel free to leave comments underneath, or send me an email at info@fortunecookiemom.com


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