47% of school students reported that they were bored in class, resulting in incomplete work and high dropout rates when they reached high school. This clearly illustrates the negative effect boredom can have on academic achievement. Homeschooling offers a means of teaching children a larger variety of subjects, in a plethora of different ways, so there’s no reason to fall prey to apathy. Keep your child excited about their education by breaking away from your usual activities.


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Set Up Shop

Children of every age like to mimic adults. They’re just too eager to grow up. Even if you’re already implementing an allowance to get them familiar with finances, you can aid that effort and teach them even more by helping them set up shop at your local handmade or farmer’s market. This offers an array of learning opportunities, like math (and finance), verbal skills, following directions including reading and writing skills, and organization. Depending on the wares they choose to make, they can learn about other things as well. Things like homemade bath and beauty products are a good way to educate on biology, highlighting why certain things have specific effects on our skin, while food-related items like jams, jellies, and other condiments offer the opportunity to teach health and nutrition. This is a lesson plan that advances every day, which offers building excitement that keeps kids engaged.

Travel Back in Time

A lesson plan that engages doesn’t have to be so hands-on; other interactive activities will also facilitate learning. This is especially important when it comes to subjects that are less readily exciting, like history. You don’t need to have your kid stay in, reading from a book or watching a documentary. Instead, put them directly in a historical moment. Historical villages, Renaissance Fairs, and historically accurate reenactments are all fun and while stimulating and engaging them on a number of levels. Some other options are medieval restaurants, historical buildings, or even a guided historical tour of a city. Sure, it’s called homeschooling, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it in your home exclusively, or even in the same place every day. All across the nation, public schools are eliminating off-site field trips, and it has caused quite a kerfuffle, because educators know the importance of exploring new places and things. Take advantage of your personal freedom!

Design a Mini Economy and Barter System

While new places and activities do offer a large array of learning experiences, it’s ideal not to make these things exclusively solitary activities. Interacting with other students similar in age is extremely important for raising a well-rounded child. With that in mind, helping your child design and set up a mini economy or barter system with other homeschooled children will teach them about important economics and allow them to interact with others around their own age. Chat with other homeschooling parents and get everyone on board.

Homeschooling offers you the freedom to choose the curriculum and your child’s schedule, as well as having the whole world as their education oyster.  This opens up a lot of opportunities that may not otherwise be present. With that said, children also need some structure, so weave new lesson plans in with a bit of routine to provide the best of both worlds.


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Jennifer Wanatabe, a homeschooling mom, a freelance writer who was a former educator, loves to share with us some creative and innovative ways of learning mixing in both old and new technology to help along the way.

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