My LDS Faith 我的信仰

I was born and grew up in the LDS Church in Hong Kong. I am very grateful for my amazing and faithful mother joined the church, so I can be part of it in my whole life.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the official name of the church, and the Mormon Church is a nickname only. I am so grateful for all the wonderful teaching and spiritual experiences that the church has provided to me. One of my favorite practice we all try to do is going to Church every Sunday and have Family Home Evening once a week. Those activities are the most frequent learning opportunities we have. We believe when we teach each other, we can learn more.

Served a Full-Time Mission


        My Mission President & His wife, & my companion at the Washington D.C. Temple


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I served a full-time mission in Washington D.C North Mission for 18 months. It was one of the BEST life experience I had as a single young lady. Basically, what we do as a missionary is we go out to our assigned area with our assigned companion, and we talk to people, help them, and teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Because there are so many different countries people came to visit D.C., so I used Cantonese, Mandarin, and English to teach people all the time. It opened my eyes to the differences and similarities each culture have, and I learned to love them and listen to them.


Taught in the Missionary Training Center – Utah, Provo


 teaching-mtc2                     teaching-mtc

Missionaries I taught to speak Cantonese in 12 weeks at the Provo Missionary Training Center, Utah, U.S.A.


I have taught Cantonese at the Missionary Training Center – Provo. This was my DREAM job ever. I got paid, and I could do what exactly I like. It was a unique learning experience for me to witness how they learn a new & very difficult language in ONLY 12 weeks.

They do work really hard. They study and have classes with me all the time. They always need to figure ways and methods to help themselves to learn Cantonese.

My interested in studying languages and teaching languages has increased rapidly that I changed my major to Linguistic.


My LDS Friends in Hong Kong


Hong Kong LDS friends gathering

  primary-program-2015          primary-activity-beach

                                                                                                                Primary Program 2015                                                     Primary Activity


And now, the best part is I can teach about Jesus Christ to my children every day. I understand I need to teach them when you are young, so I have scripture time in the morning as part of the homeschooling morning routine, and we also will watch the Bible Video before they go to bed as a family. We also try to memorize some verses from the Book of Mormon and the Bible.

Every Monday night, we have “Family Home Evening” that our prophet encourages us to have a family night to teach and have fun as a family. My husband and I, even my 5-year-old now, will take turns to teach a simple gospel lesson, and then we play games and have treats.

Once a while, all the children in our area will gather together to have birthday parties, game days, and all sorts of activities. Of course, we go to church on every Sunday that my kids go to the primary class to learn about Jesus Christ with other kids.


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My Dream ~ Creating FREE Gospel Printables in Chinese & English

It has been my dream to able to make some church-related printables for all the children to use, to have fun, and to learn about Jesus. I know as I set goals and work hard, my dream will come true.

And here it is. Feel free to share my blog with others, so other kids can learn the gospel and Chinese as well.


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