LDS Sacrament Meetings’ Games and Resources for Kids (聖餐聚會小遊戲)

One of our privilege to go to church every Sunday is to partake sacrament during the one-hour sacrament meeting. We are able to have a moment to think about Christ and what He has done for us, renew our baptismal covenant with Heavenly Father,  and feel the Spirit.

It should be a high-lighted spiritual moment for me every Sunday. However, after having kids around us, this quiet and peaceful moment was taken away.

During the sacrament meeting, all my husband and I were doing is to calm our kids down, make sure they are not making noises, and try to play with them. It’s a tough time for a young family like us to try our best to teach our kids to be reverent and respectful during the meeting, and also meet these little kiddos needs during that hour.

I do not want to bring our boxes of legos or anything noisy with us, and as they grow up but not able to sit still like us, I don’t want to send them a message that sacrament meeting = play time, so what can I prepare and what can I bring to entertain these little kiddos, and maybe even teach them about the gospel as well?


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English Resources

1. Quite Time Printable Playmat

2. LDS Word Search for Kids

3. LDS Mini Word Search Booklet

4. I Spy Sunday Printable Game


Chinese Resources

Chinese LDS Puzzles

 lds-chinese-puzzles-1  lds-chinese-puzzles-2  lds-chinese-puzzles-3


There are 10 small puzzles and 2 big puzzles in this freebie.

They are perfect for preschoolers and up to learn about the gospel in Chinese in a fun way.


How will it work:

1. Print them out and cut all the strips out.

2. Laminate each strip using a laminator.

3. Cut out the laminated strips and organize each puzzle by putting them into a sandwich/ ziplock bag.



Traditional Chinese


Chinese LDS Lacing Games

 lds-chinese-lacing-1  lds-chinese-lacing-1  lds-chinese-lacing-1  lds-chinese-lacing-4


There is a total of 15 pictures for this freebie.

They are perfect for toddlers to kindergarteners to play and practice their motor skills.


How will it work:

1. Print them out and cut each picture out with 1-2 inches left.

2. Laminate each picture by using a laminator.

3. Cut out the laminated pictures and put some holes around the pictures with a hole punch.

4. Put a couple of shoelaces in a sandwich/ ziplock bag with the laminated pictures.






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