Meet the Team

I am very fortunate to have many amazing people in my life, and some of them are helping me make my dream come true. Our goal is to produce the best quality Chinese learning resources and content for you to access at a low cost.

Now, let me introduce my team to you.

Brenden Hiroshi King
Photography, Web Designer, Media guy

Hi, I’m Brenden Hiroshi King, and I run a photography business named Hiroshi Foto. In case you are wondering, I am Japanese-American. I don’t speak Japanese, but I do speak Cantonese. I married a beautiful woman whom you know as the Fortune Cookie Mom, and we have four children.

For me, hobbies generally turn into somewhat of an unhealthy addiction. Before I lived in Hong Kong, my hobby was fly fishing, but I had to find a new hobby because fly fishing is hard to do here. And that new hobby is photography which I have been doing for about a year now. You can check out my website or follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

I studied many things in college, but I finally graduated as a (very well rounded) International Business Management Major.

Here, I help with the various aspects of the business: legal issues, photography, website and server maintenance, design and art direction, and much more! My wife and I are the perfect teams, and I am amazed and how much she has been able to accomplish.  If you have any questions for me, leave a comment or shoot me an email at

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Kirin Lo
Clipart Artist

Hello, everyone! I am Kirin Lo. I have known Po Tim for a long time because our parents are good friends. A couple of months ago, she and her husband invited me to dinner and presented their big dream, Fortune Cookie Mom. That night, I decided to join them and help because helping others through my art is my dream.,

My passion for drawing has been cultivated since I was a very young boy. I self-taught myself by reading Japanese comics and watching Japanese animation. Now, I have been working at an art studio in Hong Kong since 2006, and I teach students of all different age groups. I mainly draw comics, but I also love drawing with watercolors, acrylics, and pens.  Besides working as a teacher, I have submitted, published, and sold some comics on my own in the past. It was fun.

Besides drawing, I also teach guitar, and I have a band with my talented friends. We occasionally perform at weddings, dances, and other programs.

I am excited to work with Po Tim and improve the quality of all the printables and resources on her site. I’m grateful that Po Tim has provided me access to help others through my art. If you like my art and want more, you are welcome to go to Fortune Cookie Mom’s Store. You can also follow my two Instagram accounts. Nice to meet you all!

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Clipart Artist

HI! I’m KaKa. Kirin was my art teacher and he taught me many skills, including drawing and painting. Now, I am his assistant. over the past few years, I watched Kirin make beautiful clipart in his free time between classes. He said he is making all of them for a friend who’s a blogger. I was very interested and curious in what he was doing. Finally, I decided to ask if I could join him and help create clipart for Po Tim’s Chinese printables and blog. I’m so glad that I joined them.

I have loved drawing ever since I was little. I’m studying Art education in Hong Kong and hope I can teach and help others through art. I specialize in “cute version” of objects, thats what I like the most.

Besides drawing, I love watching movies and modeling for photos.

I’m excited to team up with them and see my artworks inspire others.


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