Chinese New Year Stick Puppets: Kids


This is a Chinese New Year Stick Puppets: Kids. 

This product is for anyone who is learning Chinese, loves Chinese culture & arts, needs more resources and materials to teach or learn about Chinese New Year, or simply wants to decorate their home for Chinese New Year. It’s also a great speaking and listening learning tools for the little one to older kids, and they get to make the puppets on their own and play them afterward. How Fun!

All of the materials are ready to use – you just need to print them out and have fun learning Chinese while using them. That’s it! Super easy!

If you don’t know any Chinese, that’s fine. Clear, simple instructions are included, so you should have no problem figuring out how to use the materials.  I’m sure you will enjoy using these materials. Enjoy!


Chinese New Year Stick Puppets: Kids includes:

Simple and clear English instruction with 16 puppet black & white patterns:

  • a boy who is giving blessings
  • a girl who is giving blessings
  • dragon dancing
  • dressing up as a god of fortune
  • eating Chinese New Year’s candy (利是糖)
  • eating Chinese New Year cake (年糕)
  • eating turnip cake
  • hanging decoration
  • leading the dragon dance
  • lion dancing
  • looking at flowers
  • opening red packet
  • playing with firecrackers
  • reading about Chinese New Year
  • watching firework
  • writing Chinese blessings



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