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This HUGE bundle of clipart objects includes 11 colors: red, pink, orange, purple, blue, yellow, green, brown, white, gray, and black. These images are perfect for room decoration, creating printable, sensory bins, and sorting activities! They are awesome.

These sets are all available to purchase individually.


*Bundle Set* Includes:

  • 202 images all in Color and Black & White.


Basic Set:

The following objects are included with each color:

Red: heart, firetruck, apple, ladybug, bus, strawberry, tomato, stop sign, and lip

Pink: ballet dress, cotton candy, cherry blossoms, flamingo, pig, girl blowing bubble gum bubble, and doll

Orange: tiger, basketball, traffic cone, goldfish, orange, fox, fall leaves, pumpkin, and carrot

Yellow: chick, banana, bee, cheese, pencil, moon, sunflower, stars, lemon, sun, and duck

Green: frog, caterpillar, tortoise, dragon, crocodile, dinosaur, watermelon, peas, pear, grass, and tree

Blue: blueberries, bluebird, jeans, sky, whale, water, train, butterfly, penguin, and parrot

Purple: violet/flower, cabbage, plum, eggplant, jam, grapes, and balloons

Brown: chocolate bar, cowboy hat, boot, bear, monkey, potatoes, acorn, gingerbread man, and tree trunk

White: lamb, snowman, milk, tooth, swan, rice, eggs, socks, clouds, polar bear, and snowflakes.

Grey: shark, rhino, wolf, elephant, dolphin, rock, fork, knife, and spoon

Black: bat, cat, ink, tire, spider, crow, black cloud, gorilla


File Details

  • Files are 300 ppi PNG files.
  • For personal or commercial use. Check Home Page top menu for Terms of Use.
  • This is a zip file. Before purchasing, please check that you are able to open zip files and ensure that your zip software is updated.


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Colorful Objects Clipart

Bundle, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, White, Grey, Black


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