Mid-Autumn Festival Coloring Pages


This is a Mid-Autumn Festival Coloring Pages set with 13 coloring pages. There are total 6 different versions for you to choose from.

This product is NOT ONLY for the little kids, teenagers and even adults love it. I hope you will enjoy it too.

All of the materials are ready to use – you just need to print them out, plan a time to have fun coloring and learning Chinese and English. That’s it! Super easy!

If you don’t know any Chinese, that’s totally fine. Clear, simple instructions are included, so you should have no problem figuring out how to use the materials.  I’m sure you will enjoy using these materials to learn Chinese and even English. Enjoy!



The Mid-Autumn Festival Coloring Pages Includes:

  • Cheng E (the Moon Lady)
  • A Bunny
  • Fall
  • Mid-Autumn Festival’s Fruits
  • Moon Cakes
  • The Moon
  • Lanterns
  • Dad is telling Mid-Autumn Festival’s stories to his kids.
  • A family is eating mooncakes together.
  • A family is having a family dinner.
  • A Family
  • Moon Watching
  • Bonus page: another beautiful drawing of Cheng E.


Each item has traceable Chinese and/or English words on the coloring page.



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English with Simplified Chinese, English with Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Simplified Chinese with Pinyin, Traditional Chinese, Traditional Chinese with Pinyin

  • soccerstarizzy02 says:

    Love all the coloring sheets! The artist does beautiful work. Really helpful for learning and teaching about this festival. Learning about different festivals is a valuable addition in cultural studies for any age.

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