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There are millions of learning Chinese resources, including books, programs, software, and websites.

Here are the learning Chinese resources that I recommend. They are tools with great deals, trust, and easy to access. If you have any resources that you would like to share with others, feel free to contact me.


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Blogs to Learn Mandarin

Blogs to Learn Cantonese

Chinese Children Online Songs & Stories

Apps for Learning Chinese

  • 小學學習字詞表 {Chinese Dictionary for kids to check strokes orders, radicals, the meaning of characters, and pronunciation, etc. from Hong Kong Education Department}
  • HOWAPP {a Mobile homeschooling kids app that provides tons of ideas}

Chinese Online Bookstores

Chinese Online Stores

  • China Sprout {they sell Chinese educational and cultural products, it includes books and textbooks. With international shipping}
  • Little Linguist {Chinese Story Books with Talking Pen}

Online Chinese Audio Books

  • Children MOC  {Chinese characters only. Beautifully animated books read out loud with native Mandarin speakers.}
  • Child Road {A digital library of over 1,000 books read aloud in Mandarin, kids can see the story and hear it read to them.}
  • Ximalaya/ 喜瑪拉雅 FM {It’s like a Chinese version of Soundcloud. There is a lot of different type of “radio stations” from people. I love the storytelling in both Mandarin and Cantonese. They are great!!}

Online Learning Chinese Resources

  • YoYo Chinese {with free lesson for beginners and intermediate Mandarin learners; Chinese characters, and Mandarin Pronunciation.}
  • Educational Television, EDB {tons of high-quality and well-made educational videos for kindergarten and elementary levels. Even it’s base in Hong Kong, there are Cantonese videos, and also Mandarin as well.}
  • YellowBridge {With a list of Chinese radicals that you can look each one up of its pinyin, simplified characters, stroke orders, etc. Amazing tool!}
  • Chinese-English Dictionary from Arch Chinese {Simply search any Chinese or English words, you can find its definition, stroke orders, formation, etc. Great Tool!}
  • Little Chinese Readers {with free and paid to teach Mandarin resources in both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese}

Chinese Websites & Blogs (from teaching kids to parenting)

  • 卡門人妻 {in Traditional Chinese only. Wonderful tips and experiences of being a wife and a mother from Hong Kong living in the U.S.}
  • Print Sheets 拼學趣 {in Traditional Chinese only. It is a Pinterest-style website for Chinese speakers. It allows Chinese speakers to find resources that are produced in English and are otherwise unsearchable in Chinese.
  • POPA Channel {in Cantonese only. Awesome & fun information from parenting to child’s development.}
  • Dragonwise Project 2 Generations 現龍系列第二代 {This website provides all sorts of fun exercises and games for you to learn and practice writing Chinese. It’s very professional.}
  • 拂曉媽 with a Facebook page called 捨不得你去上學 {in Traditional Chinese only. A great homeschooling blog full of great thoughts, tips, and information.}

Amazing Instagram Accounts of Teaching Chinese to Young Kids

Books for Parents

  • Free to Learn from Peter Gray (Want to know more about natural learning for your children? This is a perfect book for you! A great book to explain how free play is vital for human development and to show examples and research throughout historical events to current education.)


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