Do you allow your children to use apps and other programs to learn Chinese? How do you choose the right program or apps for your children?

I love to integrate technology into their learning. I know if we use it wisely, technology can enhance their learning. I don’t think we should avoid it either. Our kids were born in this digital age, and it is better to supervise and teach them how to use technology responsibly. But there are so many different apps and tv programs for learning Chinese, how do you choose the best one for your family?

I was invited to do a review of the Miaomiao TV series and iOS app, and see how Miaomiao can help us learn Mandarin in my home.

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** I received a review copy of the MiaoMiao Android app by Miaomiao. As usual, all opinions and thoughts are my own. 

When I first started my blog, I had the opportunity to get to know one of the representative from Miaomiao while they were just starting their company. She told me a lot about her experience learning Chinese, and a little more about Miaomiao and how Miaomiao is going to be big! But we both got busy and almost forgot about each other.

After nearly three years, I was contacted by another representative from Miaomiao. This time around the tv series (on YouTube andAmazon Prime Video) have been made, and also an app to go along with it. How exciting!

I can’t wait to share with you how great this program and how it will benefit little learners.


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An Overview of Miaomiao

Miaomiao TV series for Kids

The Miaomiao TV series is full of Miaomiao’s imaginary adventures with her animal friends. In each episode, there are different problems and obstacles that need to be overcome. While they are solving problems, some simple words or phrases of Mandarin Chinese will be introduced that related to the plot.

Our favorite episode!!

Click HERE to watch some of the episodes now. For the entire tv series, you can find them HERE as well.

Miaomiao iOs Apps for Kids

Besides learning Chinese through the Miaomiao tv series, there are some iOS apps for practicing writing and tracing Chinese characters.

Miaomiao’s Chinese for Kids App is a new app and suitable for kids two and up. It is engaging and helps them learn Chinese. You can read more about its features in our review below.

Other Miaomiao apps

Learn Chinese with Miaomiao

Miaomiao’s Dumpling Adventure

Fun with Colours

Playdate with Miaomiao

Around the World with Miaomiao

Treehouse Movie Theater

Review of the TV series

What do We Love

Cantonese is the main Chinese language for my family, so my kids pretty much have zero Mandarin even though they know the difference between Cantonese and Mandarin. So when I first showed them Miaomiao fromYouTube which is in Mandarin, they were puzzled, confused for a while, and lost interest in the end.

Then after a couple of days, I showed them Miaomiao TV series from YouTube again, and this time I sat with them. I agree when I am present and participate with them, they are more engaged with the activities since mammy is doing it too. So here is what we love about the Miaomiao TV series:

It is funny with a good sense of humor for kids. My kids laugh and smile whenever they are watching Miaomiao’s TV show.

  • The storyline of each episode is well-written. They are super fun, creative, and simple which is perfect for little kids.
  • We love the Chinese cultural stories that are included, e.g.:Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year.
  • The pronunciation of the sounds and tones in Miaomiao are excellent. Super clear, clean, and at a good pace for the beginners and little kids to follow along.
  • There is a lot of repetition through each episode, so you will not forget the things which are taught.
  • We love the background music. Whether its the opening theme song or other background music, they are all really well-done.

Our Suggestions

Miaomiao’s team did a great job of making the TV shows. There are just a few extra things that we would love to see in the future.

  • Chinese characters: Yes! Learning the sounds and tones with the Chinese characters is very important. I know the Chinese characters can seem very hard to learn, but if each episode is only teaching one word/phrase of new Chinese, it will be better for the learners to start recognizing the Chinese characters. And don’t underestimate little ones, they are smarter than we think. So hopfully they will add this feature in the future.
  • I totally understand the need for mixing both English and Chinese for beginners. And I hope there will be even more Chinese input in each episode, so we will get more exposure to Chinese.
  • Teaching Chinese through songs is one of the best methods. However, the Body Parts song on their YouTube channel is mixed with both English and Chinese, is very difficult for us to make out any words. We had a hard time understanding if they were singing in Mandarin or English. I would prefer to sing the song completely in Chinese with actions, so the little kids can understand the words through body language.
  • And lastly, money. On Amazon Prime, the show is 99 cents per episode or 35.64 USD for the entire series. I’m not sure if I will spend extra money on tv, so we will probably just stick with the YouTube channel.

Review of Miaomiao’s Apps

I’m sorry that I don’t have an i-phone, so I can’t tell you how the iOS app of Miaomiao is, but we can sneak peek some of them in their YouTube channel. And all the different activities and contents sounds awesome, I wish I could try it with my kids. Click HERE to learn more.

Since I ONLY have an Android’s phone, I can only have access to –Miao Miao’s Chinese for Kids.

Miao Miao’s Chinese for Kids App

Miaomiao’s Chinese for Kids App has over 50+ episodes that teach Mandarin and English in a more immersive Chinese experience. Children can trace the Chinese characters or English alphabets of they just learned in each episode. 

A parent console is available for parents to view their child’s progress as well.

What do We Love

I don’t often allow my kids to use my cell phone. First, I don’t want them to break my phone, and second I would prefer them to read books, or drawing instead of using (or learning) from my phone.

But they are in luck, for this review, I let them use it, and you can imagine how joyful they were.

  • We love the topics and contents. It includes the basic Chinese numbers, yes/no questions to friends, families,  and food, etc. They are just like my Chinese Theme Packs.
  • Great, simple, and clear instructions, teaching how to write each Chinese characters. The app shows the starting point of each stroke and easily allows kids to trace on it. (with cute music background)
  • There are pinyin and English translation for each character, and they even sound it out for you. It’s perfect for little kids and their parents.

However, It does cost money, but I think it’s worth it for getting so many fun Chinese cartoons and instructions on writing Chinese characters.

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