Even though Halloween is not a Chinese holiday, it has become more and more popular as an English event at school or fun event in the community. But have you wonder how to rock your Chinese learning during Halloween?


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Since we are raising a multi-culture family, I want to include all the related cultural events, festivals, and experiences in our family. I hope my children will have fun learning about other cultures and I hope it will help them understand and respect others.

Even though Halloween isn’t anything I grew up with, I want my children to enjoy and have fun during these holidays. One fun fact about me: my first real Halloween experience was when we took my eldest daughter Trick or Treating. I had no idea what should I do or how to prepare. Fortunately, one of my friends was willing to go with me and my girl. We had a blast getting candy and enjoying the scary monsters walking around the neighborhood.


Need MORE Chinese Resources to 

Teach your Kids?

Since there isn’t much celebrating of Halloween here, I decided to make Chinese Halloween Printables, Halloween crafts, and plan some Halloween activities for my children at home.


Halloween Full Theme Pack

This is my 6th Chinese Theme Pack since. It has been a fun, exciting, and tiring process of learning how to make printables. It wasn’t easy at all, but I’m so blessed to have my husband’s support, so I’m able to pull it off. Trust me, every theme pack I made, I tried to make improvements to the pack. In the Halloween Theme Pack, my husband and I made a lot of changes to make things easier, I hope you enjoy the pack,  and I hope your children will enjoy working with them. OK! Let me show you how my kids using the Halloween Full Theme Pack.



{6 versions: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, both Chinese with Pinyin, and both Chinese with English}



Color Matching Game

For toddlers, the color matching game can be as simple as matching the same colors together without knowing the Chinese words. It’s a great game for learning colors and exploring the different colors.

For preschoolers and up, introducing colors in Chinese is a perfect start. They can focus on pronunciations first, and then recognize Chinese characters. Color words are basic vocab to teach in both English and Chinese.

My oldest loved the different colored pumpkins. She played it again and again. I pull out these Chinese games from all of the Full Theme Packs and put them in bags and take them on the go, then my kids can play them while we are at church, in restaurants, and anytime that they need some entertainment and we need them to sit still. It works wonders.

  rock-your-halloween-6 rock-your-halloween-5


Halloween Puzzles with Chinese Words & Numbers

There are 6 Halloween puzzles with Chinese characters and one with Chinese numbers in this Full Pack.

They are quite challenging and fun. My kids had a bit of trouble dividing all the puzzles pieces into groups (I put all the puzzles pieces in one big bag and gave it to them). But it worked out well, it gave them a challenge and they had to work together, after the first time it wwasn’tnearly as difficult. Also, my kids noticed it was easier for them once they could recognize the Chinese characters. So my kids reviewed each character from the Halloween Vocab Book and tried a second time. They were very proud of what they accomplished.

rock-your-halloween-10 rock-your-halloween-11

Chinese Words Puzzles

My husband used Photoshop to make perfect puzzle pieces for me, they make a much better set of Chinese words puzzles. Yeah! It turned out amazing, and it’s easier for me to cut and prepare these pieces as well.

For such young kids/beginners, these are not a difficult puzzle to play with at all. However, I know most of the beginners (at least my own kids) will enjoy playing these “only Chinese characters” puzzles. Without the super simple layout of the puzzle pieces, it would be a very hard game. Also, by playing with these “only Chinese characters” puzzles, it can boost the players’ self-confident, and decrease the fear of reading Chinese characters only.

 rock-your-halloween-9 rock-your-halloween-8

Roll & Count

My kids loved playing the English version of Roll & Count from another English Pre-K Pack. They loved taking turns rolling a dice and putting stamps on the chart. This is a Chinese numbers’ version with a little twist.

You can easily replace stamps with dot-a-dot markers, Q-tip with paint, any coloring, dot stickers, or any stickers.


How to Play:

  1. Cut out and make the dice.
  2. Roll the dice. Look at the legend on the next page and find how many stamps the picture is worth.
  3. Stamp the correct amount of boxes and write the Chinese numbers in the box above.
  4. Players each roll the dice five times. Taking turns. [1+ players]
  5. Write the total number on the bottom along with their name. The player with the most stamps wins!


Halloween Activities’ Pack


There are 5 versions of this Halloween Activities’ Packs.

  • Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, both Chinese with Pinyin, and English
  • Over 15 pages of hands-on activities, coloring pages, and lacing games.
  • It’s perfect for age 3-6 years old kids to play and learn.



Halloween I-Spy

For young kids (age 3-4), instead of writing answers with numbers, they can draw dots, or circles as answers.

For preschoolers and up, they first count each Halloween characters, and write the total amount on the lines below.

 rock-your-halloween-18   rock-your-halloween-19

Halloween Lacing Games

My kids LOVE lacing games. It’s very easy for me to make, they are low-cost, and a great game for little fingers. I also love to use them as quiet games (games when they have to sit still and wait). Aren’t these Halloween Lacing cards kind of cute and scary at the same time?

  rock-your-halloween-16   rock-your-halloween-15


*If you are interested in getting a FREE Halloween Activities’ Pack, sign up right HERE.*

Halloween Crafts and Paintings

During our English week of Halloween, we made Halloween crafts to decorate our little apartment. I love how creative and fun you can be when making crazy Halloween crafts. We made toilet-roll mummies, witch’s hats, and very cute pumpkin from Easy pumpkin craft for scissors skills (NurtureStore). They are all very simple, cute, cheap to make, and not too scary for the little ones.


During our Chinese week of Halloween (this week), I found this super cute puffy ghosts idea from Halloween Craft: Puffy Ghosts (Thriving Home). All the instructions are included just click on the link. My kids also wanted to make some clothes for their puffy ghosts, they drew, cut, and glued on their own ghostly clothes. They pretended like these ghosts were part of the family since they created them and gave them clothes to wear.

Since this is our Chinese week, I made some strips of paper for them to hang with their puffy ghosts, and I asked them to trace the English and Chinese words. My 5-year-old wrote “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” on her own.


If you would like to make these crafts with Chinese words like me, here are the Chinese characters that you can copy.


Traditional Chinese: 萬聖節快樂

Simplified Chinese: 万圣节快乐

 rock-your-halloween-2  rock-your-halloween-4

I love hanging all their crafts from our ceiling, my kids can see them all the time, and our home is filled with a Halloween mood instantly. (The Ceiling is the only place that we can put up their crafts, but it works for us. We love our “crafty” ceiling.



What kind of Halloween activities you really enjoy with your kids and families?

Are there any Halloween activities you would like to try in this year?

Do you have any other awesome ways to ROCK your Halloween that I can add to this list?





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