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~ Chinese Theme Packs ~

I cannot overemphasize what a great find Fortune Cookie Mom’s packets are. They’re perfect for busy Chinese teachers and parents to help teach specific vocabulary, holidays, seasons, and Chinese culture.

Her graphics are adorable. She has SO many activities. She provides them in 8 language combinations. The activity packs are appropriate for multiple age levels. The activities work well even without a color printer. There is a handy Table of Contents so you have an easy reference for when you’re printing individual activities instead of the whole entire book. Plus, there is a suggested age range for each activity.

Her packets are a steal for the amount of value you get out of them.


Virgina Duan

Owner of Mandarin Mama

I would say Fortune Cookie Mom is the pioneer of theme based Chinese Learning packs for young Children. I have not found anything in the market which is similar and comparable with the ones Fortune Cookie Mom is offering. I love the options of choosing Traditional/Simplified Characters, along with many pinyin and English. I have been using them to teach all the Chinese festivals to my little one and his friends. It's very helpful for families living outside of Chinese Language environment who are teaching their children Chinese, because the materials are all downloadable, it's very affordable, and the themes have covered most of the topics that preschoolers need to know. Thank you Fortune Cookie Mom for spending your time and effort to make these wonderful Chinese Learning packs.


Michelle Huang

Owner of Cantonese Mommy

I love using the Theme pack from Fortune Cookie Mom. It is very easy to follow and convenient for parents or teachers to prepare the lesson by using her theme pack. My children are 3 and 5 years old. They practice writing, counting, sorting, recognizing new characters with the materials included in the theme pack. There are puzzles and game idea included. We got the color theme pack and it was well-made and fit the need of teaching young children. It also helps develop the child’s visual discrimination of sizes, which prepares my children for later work in writing and mathematics.

One of my favorite tools to teach my children Chinese is Fortune Cookie Mom’s Bundles. I bought all of them! I have ones for both Chinese and Western holidays, as well as the seasonally-themed ones, and even ones that cover special topics like body parts, manners, and going to school. The great thing about the bundles is that the well-designed activities can help teach your child about themes/culture and allow him/her to acquire basic reasoning and math skills while simultaneously increasing the number of Chinese characters they are familiar with. For instance, in a dice game included with each bundle, your child learns to recognize the characters for the numbers, practices counting, and practices addition as well. On top of the benefits you get from teaching multiple skills from one resource, Fortune Cookie Mom’s bundles also have the benefit of being designed with kids of multiple ages in mind. For each activity, there is a modification of how you can use it for a 3+-year old, 4+ year old, or 5+ year old. My twins started using it when they just turned 3, and are about to turn 4. I plan on continuing to use the Bundles with them for the next year as well, and since I purchased the digital version, I can print out another set for my 10-month-old to use when he is older.



Mother of Three

~ teaching Chinese at home FREE Challenge ~

We enjoyed the 10-days Chinese New Year Challenge and learning the different ways to motivate my children (3 and 5) to embrace the Chinese cultures and traditions l. Po Tim King understands the importance of hands-on learning in teaching young children. She outlined the daily learning activities in details and listed out the materials we need. We already have many materials in our homeschool home, it was very convenient for me to prepare and for the kids to participate as they are familiar with the materials for sensory play, practice cutting and using glue, pretend play etc. I also love that she included the practical life skills aspect of her activities. The 10-days Chinese New Year challenge includes learning the background of Chinese New Year. We all learned WHAT is Chinese New Year, WHY do we eat certain food and WHAT is the meaning behind each food, HOW do we celebrate Chinese New Year even when we are living overseas. I highly recommend it to any parents who want to help children embrace Chinese cultures and traditions; most importantly, my children had lots of fun together.


Kristy Hurwitz

Homeschooling Mother of Two

They were great ideas for little kids to experience Lunar New Year, especially they were not born and grew up in the Asian countries. I would definitely like to tell others about this challenge. I love everything about this challenge.


Yt Chang

Mother of Three

My children, especially my four-year-old son, we're getting tired of learning Chinese. My son said that many of our lessons and activities were "girly." He didn't like singing songs about love and lullabies. He didn't like reading books about spring, flowers, and birds. He didn't like coloring characters about mommies and babies.

The 5-Day Dragon Boat Festival Challenge was very fun and engaging for my three kids, especially my four-year-old son! The dragon pictures were very exciting for him. The activities were very hands-on. It was easy for me to not have to prepare everything, but it was already planned out by Fortune Cookie Mom. The whole family was engaged and learned many new Chinese words because we were having fun.

I like Fortune Cookie Mom because I am not a native Chinese speaker. She has ready-to-use printables that help my family learn new words and characters. She has mini books, vocab books, activities, etc. I like the 5-Day Challenge, because it is free, and she has many hands-on activities ready-made for my family to use.


Nicolette Roccaro

Stay at Home Mom

我參加了Dragon Boat Festival Free Challenge。 我其實原本不曉得要安排什麼活動來讓端午節能更有趣。小朋友 變得願意主動學習,我省時間不用煩惱要安排什麼,照著schedule安排就可以! 小朋友對端午節更了解,同時也利用玩中學到一些其它生活技能,科學物理方面基本知識 。很感謝有這樣"聚集"大家的平台,每天看到別的家庭也做活動的時候對我們也是很大的鼓勵。 有時候一忙可能忘記,但看到別人也做了就會想盡辦法也安排時間做。 真的做了的時候發現其實並不像想像的困難,而且開始->善後的時間沒想像要花的多。 同時家長孩子都享受到親子共讀共學一起做的快樂。感謝你 Fortune Cookie Mom 所有努力。謝謝!


Irene chang

Mom of 3

Some fantastic and fun ideas for not just my kids, but the whole family to participate. Both my girls love the activities, and they are now still playing some of them. They have certainly learned and remembered some Chinese language and culture from the challenges, and the best thing about them is bringing all of us together and enjoy our play time. It is important to have a fun element, and can’t be too serious about it all. They learn best when they are having fun. I will definitely tell others if there are any other challenges.


Billy Chong

Father of Two

The CNY 10days challenge helped to choose the best activities for preschoolers to learn. Instead of wasting my time, browsing all over the internet to find materials. I couldn't finish some of them, because some activities require preparation. But this challenge really motivates me to do at least one learning activity with my child every day. I was happy to see others posting their challenge progress. If I know the challenge ahead of time, I would recommend more people to join me. I'm looking forward to doing the next Chinese learning challenge! I would like to have an overview of the challenges ahead of time, so I know how much time I need to prep the materials I would like to prepare them a week early before starting the challenge.


Michelle Huang

Owner of Cantonese Mommy

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