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Imagine Getting UPDATED Chinese Resources Consistently!


 My growing Chinese Resource Library contains many exclusive printables, so you can start teaching kids
Chinese at home right away.

Struggling to Find Chinese Resources?


Are you spending a lot of time digging through the internet and asking friends about Chinese teaching resources?

Do you feel overwhelmed, tired, and have still no idea where or how to start teaching?

Do you feel Chinese at home is a necessary but don’t know how to make it natural & fun?

At the end of the day, you are only one person with limited time and resources!

You have tried your best…


But no matter what, you still feel like you can never catch up,

or you can’t create all the amazing Chinese lessons and activities you saw on social media.

You know there is something missing…

You want to know HOW to provide engaging, educational, creative resources at home

And that you can easily access whenever you need them.

How would your life be different if you could:


Have a growing LIBRARY of CHINESE RESOURCES at your fingertips

EASILY create any activity or lessons with CONFIDENCE

Get SUPPORT & CURRENT TIPS on how to teach Chinese at home



The Chinese Resource Library


🙌🏻 The Chinese Resource Library is a growing digital library that provides you extra activities, lessons,
and resources to help you teach Chinese at home with confidence. 

It includes language versions such as
👉🏻Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Pinyin, Zhuyin, and Jyutping, and English.

I’m a trilingual homeschooling mother of four, a Chinese mom blogger, and a Chinese printables’ & online course creator since 2017. 

Providing Chinese online resources and helping others teach kids Chinese has become my passion. It has made me happy and proud to see not just only my children, but others having success and enjoying learning Chinese as well.

And I can’t wait to help you too!

Po Tim King

The Fortune Cookies Mom
Fortune Cookie Mom

Chinese Art & Crafts

Art & crafts from different kinds of Chinese lanterns to Chinese New Year crafts.


Homeschooling Resources

Get my bilingual homeschooling workbook, homeschooling survival kits, and more to support your bilingual homeschooling journey.

Chinese Theme Packs + Extra Resources

Try to use my signature Chinese printable – Chinese Theme Packs to increase kids’ motivation and engagement.

Activities booklets

Activities booklets & other printable for celebrating Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentines’ Day, and more. 

and so much more…

People have downloaded my freebies & they said...

My child loves your minibooks and the books have boosted her confidence in reading. Thank you so much!

Some fantastic and fun ideas for not just my kids, but the whole family to participate. Both my girls love the activities, and they are now still playing some of them. They have certainly learnt and remembered some Chinese language and culture

The package support is very comprehensive, the cartoon and design are nice too. Will probably recommend others to experience it.

I love the quality of the printable. I’m just starting to teach my daughter. These products give me confidence that I can do this!

In case it’s hard to imagine, here you can take a sneak peek in the Chinese Resource Library…


Of course, that’s not all! I am constantly adding more.

Chinese resource library

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