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In this free challenge, you are going to learn how to prepare and have fun teaching your kids Chinese through Chinese cultural activities. 

I've host this free challenge to over 500 participants who get great results, such as: their kids ask for more Chinese activities, or their kids are more willing to speak Chinese, or the parents had meaningful family time with learning Chinese together, etc. 

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We enjoyed the 10-days Chinese New Year Challenge and learning the different ways to motivate my children (3 and 5) to embrace the Chinese cultures and traditions. Po Tim King understands the importance of hands-on learning in teaching young children. She outlined the daily learning activities in details and listed out the materials we need. We already have many materials in our homeschooling home, it was very convenient for me to prepare and for the kids to participate as they are familiar with the materials for sensory play, practice cutting and using glue, pretend play etc. I also love that she included the practical life skills aspect of her activities. The 10-days Chinese New Year challenge includes learning the background of Chinese New Year. We all learned WHAT is Chinese New Year, WHY do we eat certain food and WHAT is the meaning behind each food, HOW do we celebrate Chinese New Year even when we are living overseas. I highly recommend it to any parents who want to help children embrace Chinese cultures and traditions; most importantly, my children had lots of fun together.

Kristy Hurwitz //  A Homeschooling Mom of Two


Some fantastic and fun ideas for not just my kids, but the whole family to participate. Both my girls love the activities, and they are now still playing some of them. They have certainly learned and remembered some Chinese language and culture from the challenges, and the best thing about them is bringing all of us together and enjoy our play time. It is important to have a fun element, and can’t be too serious about it all. They learn best when they are having fun. I will definitely tell others if there are any other challenges.

Billy Chong  //  A Father of Two


Hi, I'm Po Tim King ​from
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I'm going to show you how to motivate kids to learn Chinese in just 5 days using my favorite resources, lesson plans, and tactics.

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5-Day Chinese Motivation: Free Challenges


The CNY 10days challenge helped to choose the best activities for preschoolers to learn. Instead of wasting my time, browsing all over the internet to find materials. I couldn't finish some of them, because some activities require preparation. But this challenge really motivates me to do at least one learning activity with my child every day. I was happy to see others posting their challenge progress. If I know the challenge ahead of time, I would recommend more people to join me. I'm looking forward to doing the next Chinese learning challenge! I would like to have an overview of the challenges ahead of time, so I know how much time I need to prep the materials I would like to prepare them a week early before starting the challenge.

Michelle Huang //  Owner of Cantonese Mommy


They were great ideas for little kids to experience Lunar New Year, especially they were not born and grew up in the Asian countries. I would definitely like to tell others about this challenge. And again, I love everything about this challenge.

Yt Chang  //  Mother of Three

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