Using a theme-based approach to teach is amazing, especially for homeschooling. It works with both older and younger children and can be done for different age group at the same time. They are more engaged, focused and find the themes and topics interesting.

My kids did so well in English using theme-based learning. I wondered if I could use this approach to teach my kids Chinese as well.

I started looking for materials. It is easy to find wonderful English pre-k/k theme packs online, They are complete with lesson plans, activities ideas, and printables. However, finding Chinese theme packs was impossible.

I thought about using the same curriculum that Hong Kong local schools use. I also thought about using the same Chinese textbooks. But the reason my kids aren’t in learning Chinese in local schools is because of the curriculum and structure. If I followed the local schools there would be no point in homeschooling my children.

This is why I decided to start making Chinese Pre-k/k Theme Packs. They are for both learning Mandarin and Cantonese and I figured, since I was at it, I might as well create them in both Traditional or Simplified Chinese. And now, it has been almost three years since I started.

During this journey, I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful parents. I have heard how these materials have helped them. This has been a great source of encouragement and motivation for me to continue making more materials.

In this post, I want to share what is inside an entire Chinese Pre-k/k Theme Pack — Colors (which is one of my favorites). Every single page is shown below with photos taken by Hiroshi Foto.


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What is the Chinese Pre-K/K Theme Packs?

It’s not busy work that children do on their own or a bunch of worksheets compiled into a pack, but they are so much more than that.


The Chinese Pre-K/K Theme Packs are:

  • Fun and engaging hands-on activities and printables for learning Chinese
  • Enhanced learning of the Chinese language with literacy skills, math skills, logic, etc.
  • Contain high-quality clipart and each page/activity are carefully designed
  • Include activities for multiple age levels (age 2-6)
  • Perfect for many different settings such as classrooms, small groups, language tutor sessions, homeschooling, learning at home, after-school activities, and playdates, etc.

Select from 9 different language versions:

All these different versions can assist in teaching Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese, just pick and choose the best-fit version for your family.

** Need help in understanding what version is the best fit for you? Don’t understand the relationship between all these different options in terms of teaching Chinese?

I wrote a post to explain all this for you! Click and learn more.

  • Traditional Chinese 繁體字
  • Traditional Chinese with Jyutping 繁體字 + 粵拼
  • Traditional Chinese with Pinyin 繁體字 + 拼音
  • Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin 繁體字 + 注音
  • Simplified Chinese 简体字
  • Simplified Chinese with Pinyin 简体字 + 拼音
  • English with Traditional Chinese 英文 + 繁體字
  • English with Simplified Chinese 英文 + 简体字
  • English ONLY 英文

How many Themes do You have Now?

There is a total of 13 Themes currently, and more to come.

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There is also a bundle of the first 12 themes, to help save some money and save some time.
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  • Summer 夏天
  • School 上學去/ 上学去
  • Family 家庭
  • Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節/ 中秋节
  • Halloween 萬聖節/ 万圣节
  • Christmas 聖誕節/ 圣诞节
  • Chinese New Year 中國新年/ 中国新年
  • Spring 春天
  • Easter 復活節/ 复活节
  • Dragon Boat Festival 端午節/ 端午节
  • Body 身體/ 身体
  • Manner 打招呼
  • Colors 顏色/ 颜色
  • More to come…

What Supplies are needed?

What is included in each Chinese Theme Pack?

Each Chinese Pre-K/K Theme Pack is jammed with tons of math activities, literacy activities, writing exercises, common sense & logic exercises, fine-motor skills, hands-on learning, and coloring pages, etc.

There is a table content in order to easily find the activities and print the only the page or activity that is needed or print out the entire pack.

Time take a look inside the Colors Chinese Theme Pack (Full version).


Need MORE Chinese Resources to 

Teach your Kids?


Matching Game

Beginners, match pictures with pictures. Then as they learn the words they can match words with the correct picture.

Penmanship Practice sheets

Pick the appropriate age level writing practice sheet to trace on or write on.

Group the Right Colors

Cut out the items below and paste them into the correct color group.

Matching Activity

Draw lines to match the pictures with the same color or with the correct Chinese characters.

Word Puzzles

Usually, puzzle pieces are in color, but not with the Colors Pack. Without colors, their knowledge of the color words can be tested and it can be a coloring activity too.

Chinese Vocabularies Clip Cards

Use clothespins to clip on the correct Chinese character or each card.

Chinese Number Clip Cards

Count the number of items on each Chinese number card, and use clothespins to select an answer.



After the puzzle pieces are prepared, spread them on the table and let the children put them back together. For more challenging work, place and spread all the puzzle pieces at the same time.

Size Sequencing

Put the whale cards in order from the biggest to the smallest or reverse.

Shapes Tracing

Trace each shape with a pencil, colored pencils, markers, stickers, or playdough, etc.

Roll and Count

Print the table for each player, cut and make the dice first. And then, each player takes turn rolling the dice. Stamp the correct amount of boxes and write the Chinese numbers in the box above. After each player rolls the dice for a total of five times, write the total number of stamps and see who is the winner.

This is another common Roll and Count game:  Each player takes turns to roll the dice, place ONE stamp in the appropriate box. See which color is the fastest to get all 10 stamps.

Writing Numbers

There are three levels for this game: Beginners first trace the Chinese number next to each frog, then draw lines to connect the numbers in order from 1 to 10 or 11-20.

Which One is Different?

From each group of things, pick and circle the one which is different from the rest.


Cut and paste the picture in order to complete the pattern.


Run the maze with markers, stickers, or stamps.

Addition and Subtraction

Count the number of each problem, and write them down on the answer area.

Coloring pages

Color and trace the Chinese color words.

** Sorting exercise, coloring matching, size sorting is also included in other theme packs.

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Bonus Resources!


Supplement Resources for EACH THEME: Chinese Vocabulary Poster & Chinese Children Books

What Other have said about the Chinese Pre-K/K Theme Packs


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 All the Chinese Theme packs can last you a whole year!

Chinese Pre-K/K Theme Packs

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