Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends signals the start of another amazing holiday ~ Christmas!

CHRISTMAS is the jolliest, most magical, and amazing holiday. Even though I was never really exposed to any western Christmas traditions, growing up my family had our own. We would go to Victory Harbor, Hong Kong and walk around admiring millions of Christmas lights that adorned the city skyline. We also would take pictures and have our Christmas dinner at a nice restaurant. Besides spending time with family, shopping and parties with friends were a must. Then, after the fun, we would head back home to bury our heads in books again, because there was loads of homework to be finished, and tests to be prep for. This is how I spent my Christmases in Hong Kong.

Getting married, living in America and having kids has definitely changed my mindset. I love how families gather around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning all in their PJs and celebrate together. Friends I know from the LDS Church, will also watch the “Nativity” movie, or even act the nativity scene as a family. Then, after discussing the true meaning of Christmas, there is the best activity which everyone loves – exchanging gifts and opening them.

No matter where we are, our traditions or who we celebrate with, Christmas makes us feel joy and love.


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Need MORE Chinese Resources to 

Teach your Kids?


I’m glad more and more people are finding these Theme Packs fun and useful, thank you for all the wonderful feedback. I feel honored to share in on your experiences, and I am so proud of all of you. You are all amazing parents and are a great example to me. It definitely gives me the energy to keep moving forward. So, Here it is, the Christmas Theme Packs.

When I was making this, my kids were SUPER excited to try it out. They told me they wanted to color the Christmas tree and wanted to try the puzzles. I am grateful for the idea to make these fun printables in Chinese, my kids are motivated to learn Chinese without me having to beg them.


Let’s Try the FREE Christmas Theme Pack

I would like to remind you the entire Chinese Theme Pack isn’t just the theme pack ONLY. In each theme, I create a supplemental Chinese Vocab book and a Chinese mini-book for you and your child. Even though I am not an amazing children book author, I try to provide some reading materials for you to build a little Chinese library at home at NO COST. So don’t forget to download your Chinese books.




* Click on the “highlighted” words above, it will link you to the Chinese vocab and mini-books’ pages.

Surprise ~ 2 NEW Resources

These are TWO more resources to supplement the Chinese Theme Pack… What? TWO new resources?


FIRST. I started to create a Chinese Vocab Poster for this Christmas Theme Pack (and will for all the future themes). I wanted to put more Chinese words on my wall, so my kids would be able to review them anytime. However, I don’t have much wall space in our tiny apartment right now. Using Chinese words as wallpaper just doesn’t seem like a good idea. I also didn’t want a ton of flashcards all over because I may lose them, and it would be hard to organize them. So I created the vocab list. In just one sheet of A4 paper,  all the vocab for a theme can be easily displayed. I print it and laminate it to help it last longer. And after finishing the Christmas theme, it will be kept in a single file folder.






SECOND. I recorded AUDIO for both Christmas Vocab book and Mini-book in both Cantonese and Mandarin. I even have the choice of spoken Cantonese and written Cantonese. Honestly, it was terrifying to record myself speaking Mandarin. I don’t know why, I was a Mandarin teacher for a Chinese immersion school in Utah, U.S.A. before, but I still was very nervous using my Mandarin. It is not my native tongue and I feel embarrassed because of my accent, and I haven’t spoken Mandarin for a while. However, I know there are people who need these recordings, I tried my best to make it happen. Feel free to give me any feedback, and also I hope you will enjoy these NEW resources.

Christmas  Vocab Book                     Christmas Mini-book


A Look at the Christmas Full Packs


The Christmas Theme FULL Packs has 6 versions to fit your needs. (Both Chinese character ONLY, both Chinese with Pinyin, & both Chinese with English.)

These are some highlights of this Full Pack.


 Matching Games: Advanced Matching Game with pictures and words


Puzzles: Word puzzles


Chinese Writing Number Game: (1) learner writes the Chinese number from 1-10. (2) Connect the numbers in order.




Enjoy the TWO new resources on my blog.


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