Growing up in Hong Kong, there wasn’t much teaching or celebrating Halloween. I do remember the native English teachers trying to hold activities and performances during English class, but no one really got into or understood it. Nowadays in Hong Kong, celebrating Halloween has become popular, even in the kindergartens. Little kids dress up, eat tons of candy, and play games. It’s great! For me, it is quite a challenge passing cultural things like this onto my own kids.

I’m glad I lived in the U.S. for ten years, at least, I had a chance to see what Halloween was about. At the same time, having young kids around all day, watching silly movies, and pretending to be different supernatural creatures and characters with them helped me develop a new view of Halloween. I decided this is a great festival to have “real fun”. We can pretend whatever to be whatever we want, and adults get to let out their inner child, there aren’t any festivals like that in China. I also think Halloween is one festival that we can explore our kids’ world and understand who they are and how they think as well. On Halloween day, it will be a whole day of pretend play. I can only imagine how much fun all children and even the grown-ups will have.


Our Halloween Chinese Theme Packs is HERE!!

I’m very proud of this is one, it is our best Chinese Theme Pack so far. I used Kirin’s Halloween clipart for all the images, and I also had my husband to re-make all the templates and cards so they are perfect. I hope when you are cutting out the flashcards, you will find them easier to work with.



Need MORE Chinese Resources to 

Teach your Kids?

A Look at the Halloween Full Pack

This is a sample of the Simplified Pinyin version. There are over 40 pages of Chinese activities, writing, coloring, math, games and other activities in the Halloween Full Pack.

rock-your-halloween-11  rock-your-halloween-5

The cover features an amazing ancient haunted Chinese house, matching cards



 Chinese word puzzles



{New GAME} Roll & Count, 4 beautiful coloring pages




Hope you will have fun teaching your kids or students Chinese while they are having fun with all the Halloween activities.

Halloween Clipart



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