This FAMILY pack is for age 3 to 6.
Of course, it also depends on the time that they spent in learning Chinese.
So this pack is for the beginner


This FREE pack contains:

– Colorful Matching Game
– Handwriting Practice
– Fine Motor Skills
– Matching Activity
– Shapes Tracing

This FREE pack has 2 versions:

– Traditional Chinese
– Simplified Chinese


 freebies-botton-tchines                      freebies-botton-schinese


More Ideas! If you want to take a step further and study this topic at a deeper level, I have created a FULL Pack with 5 versions for you and your children. So you can receive more hands-on activities, some Chinese math problems, and other goodies as well.


Family Theme Pack

The FULL pack has 5 versions:
– Traditional Chinese
– Simplified Chinese
– Traditional Chinese & English
– Traditional Chinese with Pinyin
– Simplified Chinese with Pinyin




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